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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 82

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 82

The ship swayed more violently now, so I could only hold on tightly to Dicken and cling to him as I could barely keep my head above water.

He carried my waist, lifted me, and brought me to the small window.

The sky outside turned dark entirely before I realized there was no storm outside as I had imagined, but rather, the sea was covered with tons of seagulls.

The ocean was not the usual sea blue. Instead, it was glowing with a green light. I was terrified as I looked carefully below the water.

A vast whirlpool appeared near the ship fore, and two luminous things were entangled in the center of the whirlpool. Initially, I thought it was a giant jellyfish, but when I moved my gaze towards the light, I quickly realized that I was being too nalve.

That thing in the whirlpool was unimaginably huge. The two shiny basketball-like things that I saw earlier were eyes!

‘Oh my God, what the hell is that! Even a whale shark doesn’t have such big eyes! So, according to the size of the eyes, how big is the thing under the whirlpool?’

I was afraid that it was about the same size as this ship…

My breathing got shortened, and there was a ringing in my head. I clutched Dicken’s arm tightly and nervously asked in a trembling voice, “What…What is that…?“

“Our…enemy…“ Dicken’s eyes were as blue as the sea as he grinned and exhaled those few syllables. I

could see his sharp teeth gleaming amidst the dark. As if they were reflecting the danger of the enemy.

The merman’s enemy…

‘What kind of terrible creature could be the enemy of the ferocious merman? Why had there been no record of this enormous creature? There’s only one possibility: a monster living in the deep sea, just like the species that appeared in the myths. But this kind of giant species would not usually float to the sea. What was it doing here?’

The reason it appeared was due to the presence of Dicken. The vast creature had sensed him! And it was looking for food!

I stared at the giant creature under the water, and every inch of my muscles tightened. I was indeed being taken into an unknown ancient world by Dicken…

I finally saw the full features of the vast creature beneath the waters. It had a monstrous mouth that occupied two -thirds of its entire body. There were three layers of sharp overcrowding teeth hidden in its mouth. It then stretched out its long, thin tail and waved it in the air. The tail was as long as an eel, and it had several long shiny tentacles on it.

I suddenly realized that I might have come across similar creatures before in the bathypelagic data at the research institute. Though I’ d studied deep-sea creatures before, this creature could only be considered a similar one. It was probably the primitive pelican eel as the number of its sharp teeth had exceeded an average pelican eel. More importantly, its size was ten times bigger than any pelican eel in the record !

The vast creature underneath suddenly surfaced and crashed towards the ship’s hull, creating a loud colliding sound. The hull swaged severely and tilted towards the left as if it was amid a tsunami. Even Dicken couldn’t balance himself. He held tightly onto my waist, and we both fell into the water.

The vigorous crashes did not stop. I fell into the water again, taking a few sips of water in the process before Dicken dragged me up from it. Even before I could stand firmly on the ground, I heard a cracking sound coining from the small round window of the cabin.

My gaze followed the loud noise, and I saw a long black shadow crawling in from the broken window like a snake. It came straight towards Dicken and me, and Dicken swept me three feet away from the dark shadow with his fishtail immediately.

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