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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 81

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 81

I held my breath, and my whole body stiffened as I let him hold my face with his webbed claw. The peculiar smell from Dicken began to spread in the air again.

I now believed in the mysterious power of mermen. His enchantment was so real that it immobilized me.

Of course, I was worried about my professor’s life. But at that point, the threat against Gary didn’t even concern me; I was too occupied trying to resist Dicken’s deadly allurement.

I felt like he had enchanted me.

He had a mysterious, wild and untamed nature. Everything about him had been bewitching me from the beginning. I was like a curious child entering his trap step by step without even realizing it. I thought I had captured him all this time, but it was the opposite. I couldn’t resist and fell deeper and deeper into his enticement every day. Even after being infringed on so many times by him, I was still addicted to the excitement he brought me.

My heart pounded rapidly, and my breath quickened.

I start to doubt myself. Was it Dicken’s brutality and dominating personality that made me addicted? Or was I naturally a masochist? Because I couldn’t help but want to kiss him even under his oppression.

Regardless of Gary staring at me nearby, I stretched out my arms unconsciously and placed them around Dicken’s neck. Then, I pulled his neck towards me and leaned forward to kiss him.

My mind could no longer function the moment my lips touched his. Dicken stretched out his webbed claws and pressed hard against my back so that I would stick to him tightly. As if he was trying to insert my body into his flesh.

His heartbeat was speedy. It was beating so fast it made my chest tremble as well. The frequency of his heartbeat was like a man who had finally gone on a date after staying single for many years. He was so excited.

What was going on? All of this was abnormal. What had happened to me?

I was screaming in my heart, but I couldn’t move a bit away from Dicken at the same time.

At that moment, Gary snarled depressively from behind, “I’m so sorry Linda. I ‘m going to save you from this disgusting beast! I swear! “

Then he cursed viciously, “Linda, I will make the damn beast die tragically. Some day in the future, I make him die in a very, very tragic way.“

Gary cursed like a dying man who had used all the strength he had left. My heart sank upon hearing his cruel curses. His words made my heart go cold, even colder than Dicken’s body temperature.

I was then awakened from the deep kiss and shuddered.

Dicken became intoxicated after tasting my lips, and it was as if he hadn’t heard any of Gary’s words. With his eyelids half-closed, I could see how he was enjoying taking every inch of my breath. He then pressed his lips harder on me, and his fishtail that was holding my butt began to rub against them.

Dicken’s rubbing made me feel like I had taken an aphrodisiac. Every cell in me became so excited all at once. My body couldn’t stop responding to Dicken’s kisses and touches, and my lower sensitive parts were longing for his tail to touch it more.

But deep down in my heart, I was humiliated. Gary was still staring at me. I couldn’t wait to push this nasty beast away, but my body couldn’t help but long for more of his touch. I then wrapped my arms around his neck to support my body.

I started to lose my breath, and my head suddenly became dizzy. Out of nowhere, our surroundings began to shake violently. My body was trapped under the water by Dicken’s tail, and the icy cold water awakened me completely.

The ship started to swing back and forth. It must be a huge storm at sea. Was a storm really coming?

My first reaction was to turn to Dicken and ask, “Did you do this?“

My body was then lifted out of the water by Dicken. A rare vigilant expression appeared on his face as he looked out from the only small round window there, then his pupil narrowed.

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