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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 78

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 78

I was thrilled upon hearing that sentence. But then, a sense of fear filled me when I finally understood what he meant.

‘Dicken told me never to leave him when I arrived in Lemenland. Did he mean there were other mermen on the island?!

I was so dazzled by the ecstasy that I had forgotten the terrible situation I was in entirely!

If Lemenland was the home for mermen, there must be more than one merman besides Dicken. If all the mermen were as ferocious as Dicken, wouldn’t I, the only human being among them, become a piece of delicious food?

And if all the mermen had the same idea of mating with human beings as Dicken did…

God, am I mad?

No, it shouldn’t be like this! Dicken was just different. He did that to me because he couldn’t find any mermaid species during the mating season.’

I tried hard to comfort myself with the thought, but my expression kept on changing as time passed.

Dicken stared at me with a faint look. It seemed like he was delighted with my dreadful expression. He grinned and said, “Don’t…be afraid…I…will protect… my…Linda.“

His lips lingered on my nose. He sounded like a pedophile trying to deceive an innocent child. He slowly moved his lips down from my nose towards my lips. Then, he placed his webbed claw on my butt while I was still in a daze. His tail was still wrapped around my calf, rubbing and twitching itself between my legs.

“B*stard, I don’t need your protection. Stay away from me, you rascal! “

I couldn’t help but feel rage. Dicken’s words and dirty moves on me had made me angry. I instinctively covered both legs and pressed my knees against his tail to prevent it from moving upwards. Suddenly, I heard loud footsteps coming from above.

Dicken stopped moving his tail instantly. Both of us shifted our gazes towards the door above. The cabin door opened suddenly. The next second, a guy tied up with ropes was thrown down like trash. He then fell into the water with a splash.

“That should be enough for the beast for now! “

After saying that, he closed the cabin door. The guy who had been thrown began to struggle, causing the water to splash around him.

His upper body then emerged from the water. I fixed my eyes on him to have a closer look, ‘It’s Gary! Oh gosh! He’s still alive! ‘

I subconsciously wanted to call out to him, but Dicken’s webbed claws covered my mouth before I could make a sound.

He quickly curled his tail around my legs and pulled me down the water. Then he pressed his upper body against me onto the corner of the wall. I was hidden in the dark by his huge body. It was as if he was afraid that Gary would find me and snatch me away from him.

What was worst, he lowered his head and kissed my neck. Why now of all moments?!

Damn it! I could only use my arms to block Dicken’s head from moving lower from my neck. How could he do such a thing at such a time!

A group of foolish pirates! Did they even have brains? How could they keep the three of us together in a cabin! They had no idea what terrible thing could possibly happen down here!

I couldn’t imagine how Gary and Dicken would behave if they found out about each other. I could only pray that Gary would overlook the situation here in the dim environment.

Thankfully, Gary did not see us in the corner, which made me relieved for a second.

He lowered his head and skillfully bit the rope with his teeth, and all it took were a few bites to loosen all the cords on him. He indeed had the potential to be in the military.

Gary then stood up straight in the water and observed his surroundings vigilantly.

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