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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 76

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 76

As we kissed, his tail bent its way upward from my legs, all the way up to my butt.

I felt like I was going crazy from all his teasing. Dicken seemed like a naturally lewd creature and a natural sex guru. I couldn’t help but become physically aroused.

His kissing took my breath away as my body sank into him as though I lacked a spine. Finally, I could only let him slide his tongue out of my mouth and give him free rein to lick my neck before proceeding down to my breasts.

His tongue felt like it emitted electricity. Whenever he moved to a new region, I would tremble from the stimulation as it spread throughout my body. I reached my hand into his hair and tugged outward; I wanted him to be further away from my body.

I gritted my teeth to prevent myself from moaning out loud as I forcefully mustered out a few words. “ Bast*rd! Don’t do this here! “

It was only then that he slowly raised his head from my chest. Then, in hastened breath and a dazed expression, he asked, “Then…where…can we…do it? “

I wanted to slap myself. I felt the need to punish myself for saying something that Dicken would easily misunderstand.

“That’s not what I mean…“ My voice was unexpectedly weak, which made me feel ashamed. It sounded like a moan, and it felt no different than extending an invitation to Dicken.

As I expected, Dicken’s eyes became dull like he was under a spell to continue these intimate acts. His breathing was rapid, and the veins in his body became more prominent. Even his eyes were affected by the blood rush as he looked like he was thirsting for more of me. His eyes were filled with intense desire as he gulped.

I took a deep breath and admired his current state. I couldn’t believe that Dicken had changed his behavior because of me. He had learned self-control. He didn’t just do whatever he wanted or treat me like an object of sex compared to when he was in the research room.

Obviously, he had developed emotional expressions that were more similar to humans. He was learning to speak, and he even risked his life to save me. ‘Is this because he isn’t in heat anymore that’s why he can control his sexual urges better now?’

‘But no matter what, I can communicate with him beter now and ensure that I won’t be violated, again. I’ll think about the rest later !

I was worried that he couldn’t hold out much longer , so I gave him an offhand excuse. ”If we can escape from these people, then I…will be yours. Do you understand what I mean?”

It was hard to utter the promise that I would be his, but there was no other way to keep this beast in check with the situation before me. I had no idea what sort of outcome this would bring, but I had no other choice.

I gained a sense of optimism. ‘If I manage to escape to the shorelines of the mainland, I can choose not to venture out to sea again. He can’t possibly chase me on land, right?’

I thought my scheme would have been successful as I looked at Dicken with feigned sincerity. But I realized that I had underestimated this creature’s comprehension. He stared at me craftily as his lips cracked open in a smile filled with dubiousness.

”I…understand…you” He extended one of his long fingers and playfully raised my chin like a child causing mischief. Then, with his lips against my nose, he said, ”No need…escape…you can’t…escape… they…will bring…us…back.”

”Back where? Are they bringing us back to the islands we embarked from?” I asked.

”No… ” Dicken shook his head and narrowed his eyes. Then, his claws extended behind me and wrapped around my waist. He propped his tail against the wall as he lifted me closer to the crack in the wall.

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