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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 74

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 74

I was so furious that I could faint. I couldn’t believe that Dicken thought this was love! He took my physiological reactions as accepting his courtship. But he was a beast, and beasts court each other by mating!

I could not let him get in heat in here. The group of pirates was right overhead, and they could check on the situation down here anytime they wanted to.

I frantically retracted my hand from behind me and grabbed his hand out of my pants. Then, while blushing, I argued, “It’s not like that, Dicken. We’re not the same species, I…“

As the words hung from my lips, I was suddenly at a loss as to how I should explain this to him. He was a beast, so how could he possibly understand the intricacies of human society. So finally, I changed my point and said, “I don’t love you, I…this doesn’t mean anything. Do you understand?“

I argued with him as my face flushed.

Dicken fell silent for a few seconds after he heard what I said, like he was trying hard to comprehend what I meant.

He took out the hand that was in my pants and lowered his tail that was lifting me up. But the tip of his tail still encircled my calf as it dragged me against the wall and pushed me against it.

Dicken’s large figure loomed over me, and I could only look up at his face. He then held onto my sides with his claws and completely enveloped me in his shadow.

Shaken in fear, I could only clutch onto the wall behind me as I forced myself to calm down.

Dicken lowered his head as his long, black hair hung down from it onto my shoulder. He was so close that the tips of our noses touched. His lips were mere millimeters away from touching my skin as he spoke in a low voice, “You…love…that man?“

I was staggered by what he said. I thought he was angry and that I would have to undergo a series of violations again. But I hadn’t expected him to ask me this strange question.

I was silent.

“You call…him…Gary.“ Dicken finally pulled his face further away from mine. There was an expression I cou1dn’t comprehend within his narrowed eyes. He maintained his stare and spoke slowly word by word, “Below…the boat…I saw…you two…together…every day.“

The volume of his voice was soft as he attempted to express what he meant with his newly learned Japanese. However, his words were as sharp as a sword being unsheathed as he spoke, dealing its last blow upon the last word.

He bore his sharp teeth as his face twisted into a dissatisfied expression. ‘He looks like he’s…jealous?’

I was overcome with bewilderment that I didn’t know what to say.

‘Does this mean he had already been following us ever since Gary and I started our voyage to look for merpeople? And he was spying on every move we made?

So does it mean that we hadn’t actually lured him with food, but he had willingly got himself caught to get onto the boat?’

I suddenly felt like the world turned upside down. I had always thought that humans were the most intelligent hunters in the world. So how did we fall into a trap set up by a beast?

I didn’t put much thought into what he said as Gary and I didn’t have that kind of relationship.

But my silence seemed to make Dicken misunderstand something. His eyes of deep blue seemed fiery at the moment as his face revealed an expression of disappointment and frustration. His face crept closer until his humid breath was right against my face. Finally, he forcefully asked me, “ You are…mine? Or…his?“

Under his imposing gaze, I gulped nervously as I couldn’t find the words to answer him, I somewhat understood Dicken’s train of thought. His intelligence likely had surpassed humans, but he just didn’t have the complicated emotions that humans did. His kind of emotions was primitive and direct. Whatever he liked should be made his, whatever he hated should be killed or destroyed. The complicated norms of human society didn’t inhibit him.

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