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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 72

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 72

“Okay… but don’t move. I’ll help you take the bullets out, “ I said strictly, hoping it would hide my awkwardness.

I drew in a deep breath to stabilize my heartbeat, then rolled up my sleeves. Holding onto the wall behind Dicken, I knelt and inched closer to a wound on his abdomen.

Just when my lips touched his wound, Dicken’s abdomen started trembling. He placed his wet claws onto my shoulder as droplets of water from it slid into my collar, causing me to tremble as well.

‘But how could I retreat now? I have to calm down and pretend to be an emotionless vet while sucking on his wounds.’

I sucked on it profusely, and Dicken’s abs tensed in tandem to my sucking. This caused the bullets to embed deeper into his flesh. I could only place my hands on his tough hips to hold him in position as my tongue reached into the wound to hook onto the shrapnel inside.

When I finally retrieved the shrapnel, I immediately turned to spit it out.

I wiped some sweat away from my brows. Of course, that was just from one wound, but it felt like I had undergone an extreme workout.

This wasn’t just a challenge to the capacity of my lungs but also my mental endurance, and this was only from the upper most wound, so there were still several more to extract.

I didn’t dare to look up and see the expression on Dicken’s face. My face was definitely blushed in a bright shade of red. I immediately spat out the fresh blood from my mouth and moved on to the next one.

Just like that, I proceeded to suck out the bullets and shrapnel from his wounds until there was only one left. But, unfortunately, it was the one that was extremely close to his private region.

I looked at that final wound with uneasiness and felt like backing out. This was indeed the greatest challenge to my mental endurance in my life. It felt like what I was about to do was no different from giving him a blowjob.

I jolted in surprise when this thought surfaced in my mind. I desperately shook my head in hopes that it would extinguish the thought.

Dicken’s claws were still placed on my shoulder. He pressed down lightly, and the veins on his abdomen popped out visibly. Then, in heavy breaths and a hoarse voice, he said, ”Help me… ”

‘F*ck! To hell with it !

I gritted my teeth. Then, I took a deep breath and closed my eyes before going for it. I sucked on it hard, hoping that I could get the darn bullet out of him as quickly as possible.

Dicken then shifted his claws to the nape of my neck and pushed me closer to his abs. He also arched his back to push his abs forward. Because of this, his tail

was plastered against my breasts. He then rubbed it against my upper body according to the rhythm of my sucking.

The intricate scales rubbing against the sensitive skin on my breasts felt like a pair of hands groping me.

My entire body started to feel tingly, but it took a lot of effort to get the bullet out halfway. How could I give up now?

I could only arch my body forward to distance my body from the rubbing of his tail. But then, Dicken’s claws reached down to my back and pushed me back down.

It was then that my chin rested on something stiff.

I couldn’t take it anymore and bit down on his wound angrily. Finally, I contained the bullet along with a mouthful of blood in my mouth.

‘This lewd creature! Is he doing this on purpose?! ‘

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