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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 71

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 71

The scent of Dicken’s unique fragrance entered my nostrils, hastening my breathing. My body had been submerged in water for some time, so I should’ve been cold. But, instead, my body was heating up as if I was being held above flames.

I gritted my teeth in uneasiness and inhaled a deep breath to suppress my rapid breathing and to stabilize my heart rate.

I couldn’t believe that my body was becoming increasingly sensitive to Dicken’s touch.

Dicken’s slight rocking movement had caused me to clamp my legs around his tail.

As I thought about how humiliating I looked, I shook my head and squirmed from his hold onto me. Then, I grabbed his shoulders and shouted, “Dicken!

Dicken, I’m fine now. Can you please put me down?“

Calling him ‘Dicken’ was definitely better than saying ‘hey.’ The claws that were holding on to my waist loosened their grip as he slowly put me down. My feet felt around the water until they found the floor beneath to stand on.

I immediately closed my legs and buttoned my shirt in fear that he would take advantage of what he saw.

Dicken didn’t seem to notice what I did. Instead, he turned around and leaned against the wall before releasing a long sigh like he was finally relieved.

Right after that, he bent down and started to inspect his own body.

I followed his gaze and looked down to see several cavities in his abdomen as well as the metallic shine of bullets within them. A layer of membrane had formed in the exterior of the wounds.

I was in disbelief. Even something as lethal as bullets were not strong enough to fully penetrate his tough skin.

However, the bullets were half-embedded into his skin, so he couldn’t properly heal himself.

It was either because of the unbearable pain or the discomfort of having bullets stuck in his skin that he extended a claw to tear open the membrane on one of the bullets. As the membrane was stopping his bleeding, blue-colored blood started oozing out of the wound after he tore it.

My heart tightened as I instantly grabbed ahold of his arm and shouted, “Stop tearing them! You’ll only cause the wound to widen! I…“

‘I should help him. If he continued to pick the bullets out, it would only cause the wound to tear open wider. The best way is to suck out the bullets with my mouth.

But this will be too awkward…

The position of the bullets is too low.’

I stared at the few bullet wounds on his abdomen, and one of them was right above the scales concealing his massive d*ck. I didn’t dare to imagine how humiliating it would look if I sucked out the bullets.

Right as I was deliberating on what to do, Dicken raised his head and bore his deep eyes into mine. Then, he furrowed his brows and pleaded sincerely, “ Linda…help me…“

His stare made me feel uncomfortable, and I looked down at his bullet wounds again. I tried hard not to look at the region below, but my face still heated up instantly.

‘Dicken had only gotten injured because he risked his life to save me. He even cared for my injuries before he cared for his own. So it’s only right that I help him, and this was something I could definitely do.’

Additionally, from another perspective, Dicken was my biggest hope of escaping from the pirates, so he needed to be well. Therefore, he was the best asset in facing the group of pirates.

‘Toss aside the unnecessary thoughts, Linda! Just be a vet this time. This isn’t your first time treating an animal’s wounds! ‘

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