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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 7

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 7

After being shot in the shoulder, he blankly lifted his head to look at me.

With a cold look in his eyes, I couldn’t help but feel goosebumps rising on my skin. I even thought the tranquilizer wasn’t working.

Luckily, the situation was under control. The merman weakly collapsed onto the tank cover.

I let out a sigh of relief and rushed to get out of there. As I did that, I slipped and fell unknowingly onto him in a straddling position.

The merman that was originally in the process of passing out was now shocked awake. Not only that, he looked like he was satisfied with this development.

The merman lifted his head and started grinding against my legs, stimulating my sensitive region.

Even though his eyes were only half opened, he showed no signs of passing out and continued teasing me instead.

I panicked internally and pointed the tranquilizer gun at his head, threatening him, “Hey pal, you do know how powerful this is right? If you continue moving, I will give you another taste of this.”

I might have appeared calm but in reality, I was terrified. I was scared that my threat would have no effect and I didn’t want to shoot a tranquilizer at his head. He was a subject of my research after all.

I wasn’t sure whether it was because of the previous shot of the tranquilizer, but it seemed like my threat worked.

The tail that was grinding against my crotch slowly became limp, and his eyes eventually returned to his previous tranquilized state. He looked dazed and innocent even.

I have to say, the now docile merman looked more innocent than a dolphin. I was also very confident that the amount of tranquilizer administered was enough to slow his movements and make him sleep.

I finally felt relieved and got up from the unconscious merman.

Although I had averted danger, I did not forget the reason I approached him in the first place. I extracted the items intended for anti-inflammatory purposes and treated his wound.

It seemed as if merpeople had natural hemostatic bodily functions. I was surprised the wound already had a layer of protective membrane that prevented bleeding.

I was excited to have discovered this. If this could be applied to treating humans, it would be revolutionary!

I lightly pressed the membrane and felt an abnormal bump. So I applied some anesthetics and made a cut on the membrane with a pair of scissors.

As expected, there was a tooth in his wound.

Judging by the shape of the tooth as well as his wound, he must have fought against a shark. What was even more obvious was that the shark must have been in a more pitiful state.

Perhaps the shark was already in his stomach?

To verify my hypothesis, I nonchalantly placed my hand on his stomach.

As expected, there was a bulge there. It looked like he hadn’t finished digesting his food.

I wasn’t just surprised by the combat abilities of merpeople, but I also found it difficult to imagine how he could fight a shark.

But of course he didn’t know what I was thinking about. The merman looked at my hand on his abdomen through his half-opened eyes and a satisfied expression.

His expression made me feel uncomfortable so I retracted my hand, wanting to prepare to stitch the wound on his arm.

As my hand left his skin, he raised his hand to grab it.

I panicked and grabbed the tranquilizer gun again, pressing the barrel onto his forehead.

The merman saw the gun in my hand and smirked as if he didn’t care about it.

I threatened him again by poking the gun at his head as a warning.

He looked at me like a playful child without any intention to harm me but he didn’t loosen his grip either.

It was embarrassing. He looked like he was lazily sunbathing on a beach while I was panicking instead.

My control over the situation had turned its tables yet again.

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