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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 69

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 69

“This chick is really feisty! It will be a shame if our brothers don’t play with her.“

“Stop that. This woman is that monster’s trainer. We need her here so that the monster won’t go crazy. After all, it looks like she won’t be living much longer. So we might as well feed her to the monster when the time comes.“

“You’ve got a good point. Let’s go! There are still a few idiots on deck to handle! “

After that, the doorway to the cargo hold closed with a bang and entrapped me in darkness. There was only a weak ray of light coming from a gap in the wall.

It took a while for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. I could faintly see a dark mass moving about somewhere not far from where I was. The movement was accompanied by chains rustling and knocking against the wall.

I immediately recognized that it was Dicken as he was still bound in chains. I didn’t expect the pirates to imprison us in the same place.


Dicken was beckoning me. I was familiar with the sound of his voice.

It was dim, but I could see a dark shadow resembling a fishtail writhing about for a while before a large splash sprayed water onto me. Then, suddenly, a large ripple formed from where I was standing in just a few seconds.

Dicken’s head gradually emerged from the water surface, followed by his torso. I could see many streaks of scars on his chest left behind by the metal chains.

But the metal chains were gone. Dicken had broken free from the chains except for one around his waist that was as thick as my arm. There was a padlock on that chain, but it posed no difficulty to his movements. It looked more like an accessory on him.

I wanted to reach out and touch him, but I was too weak. I could only move my body a little but couldn’t lift my arm.

Dicken extended his wet claws to help support my wobbling body. He then bent down and cast his gaze onto the stab wound in my abdomen.

I immediately understood what he wanted to do next. He was my last hope of living since he had the power to heal. So he really could save my life!

When faced with intolerable pain and the fear of death, the feeling of embarrassment was nothing to me. Dicken was my final lifeline.

Therefore, I didn’t resist when Dicken started tearing off my blood -soaked clothes with his teeth. I

even shakily extended my arms to accommodate his actions and exposed my abdomen for him to inspect.

The scene looked like I was selling my body and soul to the devil in the desire of wealth.

Dicken’s claws extended to my back to steady my position. He then suspended himself in water with his tail while extending it between my legs. His tail pressed against my crotch as it pushed my body higher and higher until the upper half of my body was above the water surface.

This position made me look like I was riding a giant python, and I had to clamp my legs around it for the sake of stability. It looked a lot like we were having s*x.

Dicken retracted the claw on my back and shifted it to my hips instead as he steadied me against the wall.

Dicken lowered his head to my ribs without a word, and I instinctively wrapped my arms around his neck to steady myself.

I could feel his wet and slippery tongue slowly licking the place where the dagger had stabbed me. Then, his cool tongue entered my injured flesh and explored the interior of the wound, leaving no area untouched.


I couldn’t help but groan and tremble from the pain. I could only bite my lower lip to prevent myself from wailing like a child.

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