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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 68

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 68

Gary and Laura needed Dicken and me to remain alive.

The group of pirates didn’t seem like they were just trying to rob us, else they wouldn’t have got Henry to spy on Gary and me for so long.

At the very least, Dicken and I were left alive. As long as we were alive, there would be a chance to escape.

The pain and blood loss drained me unconscious. All I could feel was Henry still clutching to my body near the edge of the deck.

As for the pirate ship, it had inched closer until it was just mere meters away from us. The pirates on the ship placed a small bridge made of steel between the decks of both vessels. Our boat trembled, and seawater splashed from the area of impact.

I heard the sound of chains approaching closer from behind me, followed by the metallic scent of blood flooding my nostrils. I turned my head as much as I could to take a look. Unfortunately, as my eyesight was blurred from the pain I was enduring, I could only faintly see several pirates tugging the chains as they dragged Dicken across the bridge. They yelled in excitement like that was the most incredible loot of their endeavor.

Pirates in chains now dragged the strong, fierce, and intelligent creature. Dicken looked like a wild animal being imprisoned in a circus.

Nobody could actually stop him from escaping, but he was willing to put himself in that situation.

My heart felt heavy. “I shouldn’t have asked Dicken for help. No matter how similar he is to a human, he still isn’t human at the end of the day. We’re biologically different beings. I shouldn’t have involved him in the despicable conflicts of humans.”

I was too stupid! Dicken was just a beast. The fact that he thought I was his mate was just a mistake, and asking him for help in that situation just made it worse. He was only sacrificing himself for me because he thought I was his mate.

How could I do this as a biological? How could I use an intelligent creature like him?

However, even if I could do it all over again, I probably would have done the same thing. After all, no one could resist relying on someone more powerful in the fact of danger, even if that someone had violated me before.

I felt conflicted and guilty, while my thoughts were a frantic mess. However, the pain in my body felt clearer as it overtook my senses and my mind. Even breathing felt like a difficult chore.

I knew that death was at my doorstep. My eyes couldn’t help but roll upwards, and I couldn’t concentrate anymore. I felt like I was floating further and further away from whatever was happening…

Suddenly, the boat started rocking intensely. I felt my body release from Henry’s grip, causing me to collapse on the deck. When my head collided with the floorboards, the impact gave my mind a moment of clarity.

I could faintly see several pirates tugging hard at Dicken, who was wrapped tightly into a bundle with chains with my blurred vision. His body was mere inches away from me.

Perhaps undergoing danger with him had evoked a feeling of companionship with him. I used the last of my strength to raise my fingers and tug at his tail.

“Stop wasting time and quickly throw this monster into the cargo hold below deck,“ commanded one of the pirates.

Dicken’s figure disappeared from my side. Several people carried him away before I was lifted as well.

Shortly after, I was tossed into the darkness and fell into a pool of water. The splash caused me to feel dizzier than before. The water swallowed me up as I continued  sinking further into the darkness below.

The icy cold water stung my wound, and the pain cleared my head. Then, I felt my way along the wall with great difficulty and pushed my body against it. It was only then that I realized the water had only reached up to my waist.

When I lifted my head, all I saw were several people looking down at me from above.

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