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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 62

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 62

I quickly thought of a countermeasure. Through the gap in the door, I noticed a sailor named Henry was not too far from my cabin.

I knocked lightly on my door to try to attract Henry’s attention. That way, I could secretly tell him about the horrific revelation, and he could alert the military personnel on board.

But I had to be discreet. The outcome would be unimaginable if the pirates found out.

“Henry, Henry, could you come here for a bit?“ I beckoned him softly.

As I did that, I was simultaneously observing the movements of the pirates in hopes that they didn’t notice anything unusual.

“Miss Linda?“ Henry heard my voice and walked closer with a puzzled expression.

Right then, I saw the elderly man with a bent back suddenly straighten his spine and throw something he was holding onto the floor.

In an instant, white smoke rose from the floor, and the people on deck were no longer visible.

A pungent scent flooded my nostrils, and Dicken flung me onto the bed in a swift motion. The smoke made me unable to open my eyes, and the sharp pain caused streams of tears to fall.

“F*ck! It’s a gas bomb! “ I couldn’t help but curse.

I instinctively started rubbing my eyes as panic overtook me. ‘The people outside must have launched a surprise attack! ‘

I quickly sat up, but Dicken immediately pounced onto me, preventing me from getting up.

Just when I wanted to start thrashing in anger, his lips pressed against my eyelid, and he started licking the bottom of my eyelid repeatedly with that wet and slippery tongue of his.

This sort of intimate contact made me feel awkward, but I understood what he was trying to do. He was trying to neutralize the effects of the gas that had got into my eye. His saliva did have healing properties, after all.

I could only accept his help as I prioritized my safety. I tolerated the awkward situation and remained motionless as he licked at my eyes.

Suddenly, we heard a loud and alarming sound. Bang! Bang! Bang!

Someone seemed to be kicking at my door, causing tremors across the cabin room.

I could hear the sound of bullets colliding with metal from the door. My body trembled at the sound as I instinctively covered my ears. But even then, it didn’t do much to prevent me from hearing the sound of impact. I felt like breaking down.

On the other hand, Dicken acted without hesitation. He immediately pulled me into his embrace as his muscles tensed. He stood up with me in his arms as he released a low growl that only I could hear.

“Whoever is in there, come out now! You have ten minutes. For every minute of delay, one of the idiots out here will have the chance to visit God! “

The gruff shouting voice of a man reached my ears from behind the door.

The sounds of gunfire against my door had halted, and the smell of gunpowder emanated from it.

I pushed Dicken away and shakily put some clothes on.

I knew those pirates were not joking. The law meant nothing to them, so there was nothing they wouldn’t do.

I clenched my fists tightly in fear. Although I was terrified, I could only obey and go along with their demands. If I didn’t within the next ten minutes, the sailors would lose their lives.

‘They saved these people out of empathy and the kindness of their hearts! How could this happen to them?’

“If you’re smart enough, you shouldn’t go out there, Dicken, “ I said to him in a low voice. ‘ Unsurprisingly, they think I’m the only one in here. ‘

I anxiously walked toward the door, but Dicken’s tail clung onto me before I could reach it. I lost balance and fell backward onto his sturdy chest.

His arms tensed as he locked me into his embrace with my head resting against his chest. His deep blue eyes bore into mine with a look of caution as he said, ”Linda…don’t…go out.”

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