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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 60

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 60

By the time I could react, the object enclosed within his scales had emerged and was erected towards me.

Dicken propped his face up on an elbow with a face filled with delight. He was admiring my frantic and embarrassed reaction.

With a tug, his tail retracted its grip from my leg and proceeded to spank my buttcheeks. I was being played and teased by this lewd creature while n*ked!

The spanking came as a surprise, causing me to roll off the bed and onto the cabin’s floorboards in pain. I tried my hardest to withstand the pain so I wouldn’t yelp in pain.

‘I can’t scream. I can’t let anyone find out that Dicken is in my room, especially while n*ked!

‘But how could I let him stay here with me? I’m pretty sure I know what is going to happen next…’

I inched backward and moved away from him, then grabbed a nearby chair. With the four legs of their chair pointed to him, I raised my voice to make myself appear assertive. “Get out, if not I’ll scream for help! You don’t want to get a taste of bullets again, do you?“

Dicken did not respond.

I was worried that he didn’t fully comprehend what I meant, so I swiftly pointed to the window, as that was likely how he entered the room in the first place.

Dicken raised a brow and looked at me before shifting his line of sight to the window like he was trying to figure out what I had said.

Then, he made a finger gun with his webbed claws and shook his head with a mocking look on his face. Finally, he opened his mouth and started laughing.

That was the first time I had heard laughter that sounded so cunning. Dicken was like someone plotting devious conspiracies while mockingly laughing at my ignorant self.

I understood what he meant. He was conveying that guns would be ineffective to him.

He must have thought that my threat was childish because he knew I couldn’t do anything against him.

Fear took over me, but I refused to give up. I gritted my teeth and spat out the words, “Don’t get too cocky! I’m talking about real bullets here, not tranquilizer darts! “

Dicken suddenly stopped smiling and got down from the bed. He curled his long tail in a position that allowed him to stand upright. In the next second, his figure cast a large shadow over me.

I reflexively tightened my grip on the chair I was holding and positioned it in front of me like a shield.

In an instant, Dicken knocked the chair out of my hands. My eyes couldn’t even follow his movements. His strength was overpowering.

He gradually approached me as I carefully took steps backward to maintain a distance from him until my back was against the door.

He then extended his arms to trap me in place against the door. He inched his face closer, and I could feel his humid breath against my face as he said, “Linda…call me…Dicken…I am…your Dicken.“

I shyly turned away, unwilling to meet his eyes.

Without a doubt, I knew what ‘Dicken ‘ meant to this merman. It contained the same meaning as a verb related to love-making in Japanese. It carried the meaning of mating and courtship!

Asking me to call him ‘Dicken ‘ was no different from asking me to admit that I was his mate. This was pretty much like asking him to have sex with me!

It was too unbelievable!

As a beast, why would he care so much what I called him?

I definitely couldn’t call him that and allow him to have sex with me. Otherwise, whatever happened in the research room would happen again!

I gritted my teeth and spat, “No! Definitely not! “

Because I had recalled the things Dicken did to me on the island earlier, my cheeks went from warm to hot. In an instant, he reached out a claw and caressed my lips.

As he leaned against me, he spoke several words that he may have just learned. He said word after word slowly in a low voice, “Last night…you…took initiative…kiss me…“

I was horror-stricken from his words and was petrified.

The fuzzy and fragmented memories from last night surfaced in my mind piece by piece —clinging onto him in hunger, sucking on his tongue in unquenchable thirst… The memories were so humiliating that I could have passed out on the spot.

Just then, I could hear someone shouting from outside the cabin, “Everyone, look! There is a ship over there calling for help! “

“That’s right! The ship is in distress! “

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