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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 59

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 59

I thought to myself, ‘Ah, this feels like a natural cold compress. And the coolness it’s transmitting to me feels so gentle.’

Even though our bodies were plastered tightly against each other, my clothes, dampened by sweat, were in the way. My hands couldn’t help but reach down and start tearing them away.

The unknown person seemed to have understood what I was trying to do. He reached out his cool hands towards the hem of my shirt and lifted it. He tore my shirt away in a swift but rough motion and pulled my pants down.

I was finally fully naked and in the embrace of this figure whose skin exuded coolness.

Every cell in my body rejoiced as they welcomed the refreshing feeling, and the restless torment of hunger for coolness was relieved slowly but surely. It felt so gratifying that I could’ve fallen asleep at any moment.

But the stiff object was still poking against my abdomen. That was the main thing preventing me from falling asleep. So, I squirmed and wriggled to display my dissatisfaction.

I then heard a low and husky grunt, followed by the sound of rapid breathing. The figure held onto me tightly, restraining me from any further movement.

At that moment, I didn’t have the strength to contend for control. Unwillingly, I relaxed my body and surrendered myself to him. The stiff object against my lower abdomen was still where it was before, stiffly poking me. But I was too exhausted to do anything other than just to get used to it slowly.

Right as I was about to fall asleep, I felt like I was flipped over. We were still entangled in a tight embrace, but the cool figure was now beneath me. Although the stiff object was uncomfortable, I didn’t move. I drifted off to sleep as I continued to lie on the unknown figure.

I began dreaming. It seemed I was lying in a small boat, and it was floating peacefully on the surface of the sea as it swayed to the wind. The hard object at my lower abdomen was still rubbing against my skin. It seemed that after feeling it for so long, the sensation had eventually followed me into my dream.

It felt like I had slept for a long time before being awoken by the movement near my leg. Something cold and slippery had encircled my leg and had started patting my calf. It felt like it was trying to comfort me, but instead, all it gave me was a tingly feeling.

Finally, I awoke from my slumber as I fluttered my tired eyelids open.

Silky black hair hung before my eyes together with a pale and sturdy chest of a man. My face was buried into his hair while my head rested against his chest.

I lifted my head in a daze and looked up. My eyes immediately met a pair of sharp, deep blue eyes.

Those eyes stared at me lazily and cozily.

Seeing him there blew my mind, and my body was momentarily petrified from the shock.

Dicken was lying on my bed, and my naked body was strewn onto his.

“Linda… you’re… awake, “ he muttered clumsily.

Dicken appeared to be in a good mood as he spoke in a deep voice.

‘No! What is going on? How did this beast get into my room? Again! What happened last night?

‘Was I…’

I immediately bounced up from his body as I realized what had happened. However, I had forgotten that his fishtail was still entangled around my legs. So, I lost my balance, and my head collided against the cabin ceiling before crashing back into his chest.

I ended up lying on him in the same position as before.

I frantically pushed myself away from him but to no avail. I hadn’t anticipated how slick and slippery his skin was, causing me to had rubbed against his body several times during my flustered struggle.

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