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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 56

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 56

A few men hurried up to help. Gary was shocked upon seeing this. So, he finally let me down and followed after.

Then, the water tank fell hard on the deck. If the water tank weren’t made from reinforced materials, it would undoubtedly be cracked now.

The men quickly hurled themselves on it as they tried to balance the cylindrical tank. That’s when I realized there was a small window on the water tank.

Dicken slowly surfaced his pale, handsome face from the window.

One of his webbed claws was pressing hard against the glass cylinder. He then slowly tightened it into a fist.

A pair of dark eyes were patrolling between Gary and me. He then tilted his head slightly. A deep shadow could be spotted under his eyelids, making him appear more terrifying than ever.

I couldn’t be sure what was happening in the mind of the brilliant beast from the deep sea. But there was one thing I could be sure of; he was filled with rage. He had a strong desire to kill, and his violent energy was horrifying. It was as if someone had invaded his possessions.

“Ridiculous! “ Gary snorted upon seeing the merman’s actions. He continued to provoke Dicken by raising the middle finger at him. “This beast actually gets jealous?! “

He walked to my side and pulled me into his arms again. He didn’t care about the others’ opinions at all.

I was taken aback. Consciously pushing my arm against Gary’s chest, I refused to let him get any closer. But Gary didn’t seem to understand what I was doing. So, he pushed me harder into his embrace.

A sense of foreboding took my heart. I turned my head to look at the figure hidden in the water tank. And as expected, Dicken’s face had changed.

He smirked a smile, exposing two rows of sharp and vicious teeth. They were as hard as a bone. Then, he curled his webbed claws up and aimed at the cylindrical glass! A loud blasting noise could be heard immediately.

Everyone screamed in fear and looked at the water tank in shock.

A custom-made tempered glass began to crack. Dicken stretched out his arm from the opening. A mixture of blue blood and water dripped from his arm onto the deck.

“My Linda…My Linda…Let go of her… “

The low, hoarse voice constantly tormented everyone. Dicken stared furiously at Gary’s arm that was placed on my waist. Then, he slowly retracted his arm and struck out another punch on the cylindrical glass!

The cylindrical glass broke into pieces right after. Water pouring out like a fountain from the water tank.

He was protesting!

Everyone understood at once. Several sailors who knew me personally had already cast their glances at me.

I was frightened as if I was caught red -handed. My legs went soft and nearly collapsed. I leaned on the wall behind me and yelled in a panic, “Don’t look at me! He wasn’t calling my name! Don’t look at me… Gary, you fool! Why did you provoke him in the first place! You are unaware of what he is capable of! He is very powerful! He will definitely break out of the tank! “

I did not know if Gary heard me, but the few well- trained soldiers clearly understood.

Everyone was panicked.

They put up their machine guns and aimed at him all at once. But none of them dared to go near him.

It was apparent they were all terrified by him. As if they were looking at an unknown beast.

I snorted and thought to myself, ‘He is indeed a ferocious beast, beyond your imagination.’

“Lady, are you the breeder of this merman?“ A soldier asked nervously, with another hand holding his machine gun, “He is uncontrollable. Several of us have been torn apart by him. It seems like he depends very much on you. Can you please help us? “

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