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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 50

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 50

Every inch of my skin felt tainted. Dicken’s breath and touch seemed to have seeped into my bones. I stood in the bathroom, cleaning myself from head to toe with the hot water flowing down my body. The water was so hot that it caused my skin to turn red. That way, it would feel like my body had been cleansed of shame.

I crouched down helplessly and buried my face into my arms as I cried from losing my strength and dignity as an adult woman.

My mind was a mess as I didn’t expect this turn of events. ‘If my father knew about this, he would rather not have a daughter like me!’

I was a young and aspiring biologist with hopes and dreams up to about a week ago. But at that moment, I was trapped in this reservoir and had become nothing but an object of gratification to the merman. He had teased and violated me time and time again, but I could only keep quiet and pretend none of this happened.

‘No! It shouldn’t be like this!’

I tugged at my wet hair crazily as my mind filled with intrusive thoughts.

‘That’s right! I need to leave! I need to leave this island and that cursed being. I must return to the mainland so that he won’t be able to touch me!

Linda, you have to pull yourself together! You have to destroy all evidence of what happened here so that it’ll be a secret you take to the grave!’

After I had reorganized my thoughts, I stood up shakily and exited the bathroom. I walked to the desk and switched off all the monitors before breaking the surveillance camera.

Finally, I shifted my gaze to the cursed creature lying on the floor. I shuffled  toward him, and  with all my might, I dragged him into the cylindrical glass

tank which had previously held Alice. I closed the door of the tank then verified that the door was locked multiple times.

It was only after making these arrangements that I could collapse onto the bed. With my last sliver of strength, I sent Laura a distress signal before my eyelids felt too heavy to remain open.

Before drifting to sleep, I vaguely saw Dicken awake in the tank. He stuck himself against the glass and stared at me with a hungry expression like he wanted to undress me with his eyes. The sight of his behavior made me clutch onto the sheets tightly and bury myself within the blankets.

In the end, I couldn’t stay awake any longer and fell into a deep sleep.

Not long after I fell asleep, I felt my consciousness drift into the realm of a dream.

I was at an aquarium, and I could see shoals of fish swimming behind the glass. The place felt familiar. It was a place I would go to during every school holiday when I was a child.

Then, I heard someone call my name behind me, “ Linda…“

I saw the familiar outline of several children reflected on the glass, so I gleefully turned around. But the children were nowhere to be seen. There was only a puddle on the floor and a few blades of seagrass. The puddle was connected to a wet trail that led outside the aquarium.

My gaze followed the trail until my eyes met a pair of bare legs. I looked up to see a strapping, tall man standing alone in the dark.

His long hair hung to the floor like seaweed as water droplets dripped from it.

A familiar fear crept through my body, and I inadvertently stepped back, only to find that my back had already reached the wall. In fear, my body trembled profusely.

Eventually, I realized that this was just a dream. A dream where I couldn’t wake myself up no matter what I did. ‘I can’t believe I can’t wake myself up from this nightmare!’

The man walked out from the darkness, and a beautiful, pale face could be seen. His eyes were deep like the depths of the ocean, but they had a blue glint to them. Torrents of dark and cursed energy seemed to encircle him, making him appear like a harbinger of evil in the dead of night.

‘This evil and shameless beast! Why isn’t he letting go of me, even in my dreams?! ‘

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