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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 49

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 49

The moment of fear gave my body newfound strength as the adrenaline coursed through my veins. I gripped the syringe tightly and stabbed it into the artery in Dicken’s neck. With whatever energy I could muster, I pushed the plunger down as hard as I could and injected the tranquilizer.

Dicken’s body quivered, but his arms still held onto my waist tightly. The assault of his tongue intensified for several seconds before the effects of the drug completely took over. His body gradually weakened until he finally collapsed onto me.

I wasn’t bothered by his weight on top of me. Instead, I was more concerned about the surveillance camera as I stared at it. I lay on the floor to catch my breath as the battle against Dicken’s advances had drained me of my strength.

The lingering sensation of his tongue was still flooding my senses in waves. My legs were still trembling, so I couldn’t even push his tail out from between them. All I could do was try to push myself away from him.

Every push forward felt like torture, and before long, my skin was slick with sweat.

The thought of giving up occurred in the back of my mind, but the surveillance camera on the ceiling felt like eyes staring at me. The fear of being seen violated by my research subject spurred me to squirm my way out from beneath him inch after inch. ‘If someone were watching through the camera,

then it would have been the same as watching porn. And if that were true, then I could just die from embarrassment!’

I took the lab coat off in a frenzy and used it to wipe my body clean of fluids before tossing it to a corner.

Then, I stood up and kicked Dicken’s tail to vent my anger and frustrations. So much so that his body slumped onto his side from my kicking. Although unconscious, his d*ck stood erect with its tip pointed towards me.

In fury, I took a stack of books from my desk and dropped them onto him. It was only then that his shaft was concealed from sight.

I tugged his long hair and raised my fist, wanting to throw punches at him as a way to appease my anger. But when my fist was a mere centimeters away from his face, I stopped. I knew that this was a golden opportunity to beat him black and blue. Even so, I couldn’t do it. It wasn’t because I lacked the resolve, but if I had accidentally injured him and Laura were to see what happened to him when she returned, how would I explain this?

With my fist curled in a tight ball and my veins popping out of my arm, I thought, ‘I can’t hit him. Even after he violated me, I still can’t hit him?!’

My anger was on the verge of erupting as I kicked his tail a few more times. If he were a regular human, I would have gladly taken the risk of being sent to jail. It would’ve been worth it if it meant him getting a good beating from me!

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