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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 48

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 48

Unmistakably, my actions were an encouragement to Dicken as his movements sped up. He steadied my waist with one hand while the other lifted the hem of my lab coat.

He admired my lower body that he had lifted right above his. With his lips against my chest, he muttered satisfyingly, “Oh Linda, my Linda.“

I gritted my teeth to prevent myself from releasing any shameful moans. My hand was still fumbling around my sleeve in search of the tranquilizer until I finally had it in my hand.

With trembling fingers, I peeled off the safety cap on the syringe needle and stabbed it into the vial of tranquilizer to extract some. This vial of liquid was now as precious as holy water to me.

I carefully raised the syringe and swung it down toward his neck. But all of a sudden, Dicken’s tail moved, and the world spun around me. In a blink of an eye, Dicken was pressed on top of me. The syringe filled with tranquilizer had accidentally jabbed into my left hand from the sudden motion.

I silently wailed in pain as my left hand started to feel numb. Shortly after, it fell limply. Meanwhile, my right arm could only cling to his neck to steady myself, so I had no way of aiming the syringe at the artery in his neck.

I felt hopeless. Not only did I fail to subdue Dicken, but I also ended up accidentally injecting myself

with the tranquilizer and practically serving myself on a silver platter.

I was angry at my own stupidity, and I gave up on fighting back due to my fatal mistake. Perhaps I knew that there was no escaping what was coming next. I stared blankly at the ceiling in an attempt to separate my senses from my body. That way, maybe I wouldn’t feel as much stimulation and wouldn’t moan so loudly in pleasure like a loose woman while underneath Dicken.

Of course, Dicken had no idea what I was thinking, so he didn’t mind what I had done earlier. He just pressed himself closer onto my body like he wanted to bury himself within me.

By then, he had already pushed my lab coat up to my shoulders. The smell of disinfectant was mixed with the scent of his unique fragrance, and it caused my face to flush. I felt like I was about to die from shame.

I used to be proud of my research work as a biologist, but now I was about to be violated by my research subject.

I wanted to scream in anguish, but the only sounds that escaped my lips were gasps and moans from his licking and teasing. My legs couldn’t even kick and thrash around in protest because every time I tried to do so, his arms held them down almost immediately.

As my body started twitching, I could feel my strength leaving my body. I couldn’t even maintain a firm grip on the syringe containing the tranquilizer. My gaze began drifting across the ceiling. Then I stopped as I saw something. There was a round object in the corner of the ceiling, near the air vent. When I realized what that object was, I was dumbfounded, as if a bolt of lightning had just struck me.

‘That… that’s a surveillance camera! ‘

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