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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 46

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 46

Dicken stared at me in my white coat with his deep gaze. It was as if he could see through the layers of clothes right to my naked body, which provoked me to kick his fishtail to the side with anger. I made sure I was adequately covered and wrapped my coat tightly around me.

I pretended to lean against the desk and took out the anesthesia syringe from the drawer behind me, and secretly hid it away under my sleeve.

I was afraid to look directly at Dicken’s eyes, worried that I would be caught from my inner guilt. In actual fact, in his eyes, I have always felt like an innocent child, which he could easily see right through me in a glance.

Fortunately, I thank God that I was just overwhelmed in my own thoughts, and he did not notice my abnormal behavior.

With my prayers in mind, I turned around as calmly as I could while trying to sort the tools needed to study the merman. Holding those tools in hand, I then squatted right beside him.

I silently planned the steps needed to measure his physical condition and proceeded to measure his blood pressure first. So, I picked up the blood pressure monitor however, my palms wouldn’t stop sweating.

I kept reminding myself that he was just a normal living creature. Even so, every time I set my eyes on his upper body, I could feel my breathing tighten to the point of suffocation. This was a strong and fit male body and this body was pressed against me last night.

I shook my head as I tried to delete the shameless image of my thought, but the moment I touched his skin, memories came flashing back from last night. This made my whole body tremble with a tingling sensation felt from my lower abdomen.

Gritting my teeth, I grabbed the merman’s arm, quickly put on the blood pressure monitor, and immediately switched it on.

I forced myself to stare at the display of the sphygmomanometer and think not of other things. Gradually the pointer oscillated between 200- 300mmHg and finally stopped at 267.

I quickly recorded the number on my laptop and took a deep breath to force myself to think calmly.

It seemed that the merman’s blood pressure was twice as high as the average human’s blood pressure. Even an emotional elderly would not reach this level without the help of stimulant drugs. Supposedly the merman’s physical condition was as strong as a top athlete. It would appear that he was also in a state of extreme excitement.

Two words immediately came to mind. Mating season.

This probably had something to do with the merman being in mating season. He could be at the peak of the season right now.

Although my eyes were fixed on my laptop , I could still catch a glimpse of the merman from the reflection. With my clothes wet from my own sweat, I feared he would be consumed with sudden lust.

Panic -stricken, I wanted to run away immediately, but I knew I was the only one in this lab and had nowhere to go.

I could only lengthen Dicken’s mating season in order to prevent myself from being violated by him again. I tried my best to calm myself down with the comfort that he was not in estrus yet, but I still unconsciously looked toward his waist and abdomen where his tail was connected and when I saw no sign of erection my racing heart slowly calmed down.

I pretended to look away naturally, but the second my eyes met his deep blue eyes, I could see that he was looking at me inquisitively. Swiftly, I turned my eyes away not to be caught in a panic.

Dicken smiled slyly, then laughed wickedly. He lowered his gaze down to his private part and stared at me with ill intention saying, ”You like…my thing?”

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