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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 43

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 43

I wanted to scream but my voice was muffled due to Dicken’s lips pressing against mine. Dicken’s actions awakened the memories that were suppressed in my subconscious and my body trembled from it.

I bit him on the lips to vent my frustrations. I could taste blood in my mouth, but it didn’t stop Dicken from kissing me. His lips still pressed into me and he pushed my head against the wall, his kisses more fervent with the metallic taste.

His tongue pried open my teeth and was delightfully exploring every inch within my mouth causing me to be breathless. Sometimes he acted like an experienced womanizer and other times he acted like a clumsy kid.

Ever since his invasion, the strength in my body had gradually disappeared. Even when I could move my arms to push Dicken away, it seemed more like I was playing hard to get. My tongue wasn’t mine anymore and my jaw felt stiff from the violation of his tongue.

Saliva dripped from the area our mouths connected, I was starting to think that there was a kind of

poison in his saliva. A poison that somehow causes me to lose myself and sink into him.

I didn’t even realize when he had released me as I sloppily leaned against the wall with heaved breaths and a blank mind. Dicken just looked at me, seeming like he didn’t intend to go further than this.

However, I was still blocked into the corner of the wall. He stretched out his fingers that were behind my neck and began playing with my hair. He looked like a beast lazily relishing the aftertaste of a delicacy.

But when I realized what exactly he was relishing , I was too embarrassed to look him in the eyes. I wanted to wipe my moist lips with my pajamas so that I could pretend that the kiss didn’t happen.

It would have been great if there was a large crack in the wall. That way, I could burrow myself in there and hide. But I had to face the current situation. I took a deep breath and said, ”Dicken, I remember now.

You saved me before. I have already repaid you with my body. I can help you escape from this place so you can return to the sea, will you please leave? ” ”No, ” Dicken said slowly and sullenly, ”I want you.”

His humid breath against my face made me shiver. I couldn’t continue on calmly, so with all the courage within me, I pushed him away and shouted, ”I am not yours! I don’t belong to a beast like you!

I wanted to continue shouting but he had caught my ankle. I wanted to lift my leg and kick him but there was no impact. He had caught onto both my legs.

Then he pressed my legs down and began sliding his hands up.

His hands trailed upward along my thighs. The inhuman feeling of his palms against my skin made me shudder. I gritted my teeth and said, ”No, don’t touch me. I’m not your mate! “

My pleading surprisingly worked because his movements halted. He removed his hands from my body and put them on my sides instead. He propped himself up so that he was no longer crushing me but the looming shadow cast from his strong physique still enveloped me.

I was so shocked that he actually listened to me for once that I forgot to breathe. His expression, however, was a gloomy one, even the smirk he usually wore was nowhere to be seen. He just blankly stared at me like he was pondering upon what I had just said.

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