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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 42

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 42

The mysterious man who rescued me from the grips of death was… Dicken! It was Dicken! Maybe he had already marked me when I was young. He tempted me to research merpeople and teased me time and time again within my dreams.

He must have known that I would look for him one day, so all he had to do was wait. It wasn’t that we had caught him, it was that he had prepared to be captured. He had saved my life so, in exchange, I had to give him my chastity.

I took the bait that he had laid out throughout the years. He was an intelligent creature. He had planned this all along. And all this while I thought he was my prey instead! I didn’t dare to continue along this train of thought.

I clutched onto the blanket tightly and couldn’t help but shudde at the thought of him being in the same room. With both of us being trapped in this underwater reservoir, I was like a delicacy prepared for him. “Linda…“

Sometimes, the more you fear something, the more likely it will happen. As I was shivering in fear, Dicken whispered into my ear. I clutched the blanket to cover my naked body with one hand and gripped onto the flashlight hidden underneath my pillow with the other.

The flashlight could also work as a taser. My body had regained a lot of strength after resting for a day. I lightly crawled to a corner of the bed and switched on the flashlight. I looked around me and was surprised to see Dicken standing near the foot of my bed.

Water was trickling down onto the floor from his figure. It looked like he had just gotten out of the water. His dark pupils were staring at me as he said in a low voice, “Don’t be afraid of me.“ “Get away from me, you beast! “

I gripped the flashlight tightly and aimed the beam of light directly into his eyes to stop him from coming closer. But this hardly had any effect on him as he just shook his head and bore his fangs to mock me. In a blink of an eye, he was in front of me.

His large physique blocked me in a small space between the bed and the wall. His body emitted a strong fragrance containing his pheromones. I was about to fall into a stupor again so I quickly switched on the taser on the flashlight and aimed it directly at his heart.

I heard the sound of zapping and Dicken flinched. Then, the smell of burnt flesh emerged from where I had tased him. But he didn’t even try to retreat.

Instead, he grabbed both my arms and pinned me against the wall.

“Let go of me! Don’t touch me! F*ck off! “I shouted a t him as I waved around the flashlight that was in my hand. The flashlight hit his arm and it zapped a wound onto his arm that was grabbing me.

I lost all rationality and thrashed around like a child. I wished I was stronger. Had I known this day would come, I would have taken up martial arts. I want to pin him to the ground and beat him up! In reality, my defiance was nothing but a child’s tantrum in his eyes.

Only one hand of his was needed to pin both my hands above me. With a light swipe of his other hand, he had taken the flashlight and thrown it aside. I had lost all means of defending myself. He squinted his eyes teasingly to admire my current state.

He made it look like everything I had done earlier was just my attempt at flirting. I felt one of his hands reach into the crook behind my neck to push my head forward, while he lowered his head and brought his face closer. When I finally realized what he was doing, my lips were already covered by something cold and soft.

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