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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 39

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 39

As the thought popped into my mind, Dicken unexpectedly stopped. The emptiness I felt down there only exacerbated my arousal and I let out a dissatisfied moan in protest.

Oh my god! I couldn’t believe I made a sound like that!

I wanted to raise my hand to cover my mouth so that I wouldn’t make any more shameful noises. But my wrists had lost all their strength, it was as if they had melted away from my arousal.

Dicken held onto my waist and flipped me over to a position where I was on my hands and knees.

No! Stop! I didn’t want to become a mere object for the beast to resolve his arousal. The lack of stimulation momentarily sobered me up and I managed to reject the desires in my mind.

I tried my best to block him with my arm and bent my knees to crawl away. But a split second was all Dicken needed to pull me back into his embrace.

It felt like a blazing hot iron rod was rubbing against my skin. He breathed erotically into my ear, making me feel his humid breath.


This tender act only made me realize what horrifying thing would happen next, so I loudly screamed, “Help me! Somebody help me! Gary,

Laura, where are you? Is there anybody that can…“

The subsequent words were stuck in my throat as I felt my opening stretch wide. He came in directly, and the stimulation caused me to lose my voice immediately. I hopelessly started shedding tears.

I was being raped by a beast, nobody could save me… Nobody…

I didn’t even have the energy to hold my head up and there were tears smeared all over my face. I knew it was impossible but I still hoped that Dicken wouldn’t like how my body felt and that he would stop this.

It felt like I was in a nightmare. The next second, Dicken maneuvered his tail to lift my leg up and he also placed a hand under my lower belly so that my butt was facing a higher angle. I shuddered uncontrollably. My entire body felt like it had melted, except for my butt that was still raised high. He stretched an arm out to press my head onto the floor before leaning forward to take my earlobe into his mouth. He sucked on it at first and then bit on it suddenly.

“You h*rny… imbecile…“, I cursed at him weakly between sobs.

But the merman’s response to that was to do it more violently like he wanted to nail me onto a cross of shame.

With every thrust, the tender flesh within me contracted tighter. It was like I was about to be tortured to death.

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