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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 37

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 37

Dicken’s movements were slowed down by the stairs, so I took this opportunity to push myself forward with all my might. By the time his looming shadow had fully engulfed me, I managed to grab hold of the tranquilizer gun.


He sounded impatient and feelings of desire could be heard in his voice. He sounded like a starved beast that could swallow me whole right at that moment.

I knew that it would be too late if I didn’t act there and then.

So, I aimed the gun at him again, but this time I aimed at his forehead. The sight of his deep eyes made me shudder for a second. But in the next second, I fired the gun at him without any hesitation.

*C1ick*Only a clicking sound could be heard from the gun, the gun was empty.

Why was there only one dart in this gun? Damn it!

There was no time to inspect whether or not the gun was jammed. Dicken had already propped himself upright with his tail. He stared down at me while his lips cracked open in a smile. He was laughing at my futile actions!

I proceeded to hit him continuously with the gun but he caught it steadily with one hand. He redirected his gaze to the gun before placing his other hand onto the gun. He bent the gun effortlessly until it curved before tossing it aside like it was a mere plastic bottle.

“I -t -Ca-n -no-t -hurt -me“ Dicken increased the pitch of his voice like he purposely said it for me to hear. I didn’t even know why I was shocked anymore. Was it his brute strength, the fact that he could speak our language, or that he was deliberately trying to provoke me? He basically just said, “ There’s no way this thing can hurt me! “

The prior experiences I had with him seemed like a joke now. Dear God, what did I do to deserve this?

From the corner of my eye, I noticed a fire extinguisher not far from me. It seemed unnecessary to have a fire extinguisher here of all places, but right then it gave me renewed hope. I still had a chance to save myself!

I could do it! I started to crawl towards the fire extinguisher desperately while Dicken just stared at me like I was a toddler who just took their first steps.

Just when the fire extinguisher was just an arm’s reach away, I felt something tugging at my ankle and just like that, I was dragged several meters away from my goal. “F*ck! “, I cursed despairingly.


I continued to curse helplessly as Dicken dragged me to him. I could only curl myself up tightly and try to cover my privates the best I could. It was the last line of defense a victim like me could have before being r*ped.

”F*ck off, you imbecile ! ” I must have been whimpering when I uttered those words because they sounded so powerless. After he heard me say that, Dicken just bent down. Without much effort, he forced my legs open even though I tried my best to keep them closed.

As I frantically thrashed around in an attempt to escape Dicken’s control over me, he suddenly grab ahold of my calves. In a split second, I was dragged right in front of him. His that thing was right in front of my face and drips of fluid oozed out of its tip.

I was so shocked that I could no longer think rationally. I just screamed like I was crazy. My screams echoed throughout the entire reservoir but nobody could help me because I was all alone.

I instinctively struggled with all my might, but it still wasn’t enough for me to avoid my fate. Both my legs hung on Dicken’s rock- hard shoulders which made the injury in my leg even more painful.

However, the pain was nothing compared to how embarrassed I felt in that position. It was weird though, because I felt like I had gone through this before. Did I? I almost started weeping as the feeling seeped out from my subconscious.

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