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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 34

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 34

I was stunned as I saw the merman finish that stuff. He then smiled with a satisfied expression.

My face immediately became red and my ears turned hot. What the f*ck! How did this happen? The glass flooring was supposed to be convenient for me to observe the merman, but now it had become something he used to spy on me. This was the joke of the century!

But I couldn’t bring myself to laugh. All I could feel was embarrassment. Luckily, I was the only one there. If someone else saw what had happened, I would become the joke of the entire biology academia — the researcher who fell victim to the sexual fantasies of her own research subject.

That would have been preposterous!

This wasn’t going according to plan. It was a mistake! I had to correct the merman’s perception of me being his mating target. How could he even think of mating with someone of a whole different species?

Dicken was still beneath the floor, swimming around right below my feet, looking as though he was reminiscing the rush of the climax he had. My thoughts were a mess and my clothes were uncomfortably stuck to my body from all the sweat.

I didn’t want to face this lewd merman any longer, so I walked towards the bathroom. I could see Dicken following my footsteps underneath the glass, neither too fast nor too slow. Goosebumps rose on my skin.

I stomped my feet on the glass to muster up some courage and yelled, “Stop following me, you beast! “

But the merman didn’t seem to catch what I was trying to convey and he continued following me beneath the glass. He was still snooping at me with his deep abysmal eyes. His face was enveloped in the shadow of the night and it made him look all the more creepy.

This was the third time I had cursed within the past hour. I was extremely frustrated. I had to take the lead in this and not allow him to drag me by the nose!

I took a deep breath, gathered some courage and stood bravely in front of Dicken, then I removed all items of clothing I had on me and exposed myself completely.

Dicken’s expression became one of mild surprise, perhaps he didn’t expect me to bravely do this in front of him, or maybe he was surprised to see a lower body that was completely different from his. I finally felt like I was more dominant and felt encouraged by what I had just done.

I squatted down and that made my thighs open up, but I didn’t mind. I faced the glass floor and said, “ Look at me carefully, you beast. I am a human. I have legs and I walk on land. I am totally different from you, so I can’t be your mating partner.“

I knew that there was no way he could have heard what I said, but I wanted to vent my frustrations. I had to show that I was different from him and the only way to do that was to expose myself completely.

He probably guessed what I was trying to say. He stuck his face closer to the glass until his nose bridge lightly touched it. His eyes were inspecting my body for a while and then he stopped below my opening. He obviously became excited at the sight of it. He

stuck his tongue out to lick the glass right below my opening, and I saw him take a big gulp.

He started to become impatient and began hitting the glass several times with his webbed claws. It looked as if he could climb though the floor at any second. I was rendered speechless from his actions. He obviously didn’t realize that my body was different from his, in fact, he desired my body even more than before !

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