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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 32

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 32

Around midnight, I felt something heavy crushing me. My body was drained of the slightest energy and my mind was still groggy. My body felt weary like I was having a fever and I kept hearing voices next to my ear calling out my name. I realized I was in a nightmare. I frequently had nightmares like this when I was researching.

I did what I would always do to wake myself up from a nightmare like this. I would silently repeat my own name and clench my fists as hard as I could. But this time, the feeling of being paralyzed exacerbated, and the weird voice started to sound clearer. I could faintly make out a string of syllables that I was extremely familiar with.

When I realized what was going on, I broke out in a cold sweat. This was the merman’s voice. He was calling out my name! How could I hear his voice from here?

This room should be soundproof!

I fought to open my eyes and stiffly tried to move my neck. I wanted to know where the voice was coming from. I saw the red light of the sonar detector blinking on my desk then I sighed in relief. It turned out that I forgot to switch it off before I went to sleep.

I thought the merman had gotten out of the reservoir and had come into my room. What an

absurd thought ! As if the merman could do that ! Even if he was a ferocious beast, he couldn’t have bypassed the high-tech defense system.

Just then, I could feel my limbs starting to relax and I could slowly start to move them. I tucked my fringe behind my ear and felt my forehead to check if I was having a fever.

Since when was I this scared of the merman? As a researcher, I had to overcome my fear of the research subject. I would still need to interact with

him frequently in the future, so I needed to get used to being around him.

I rambled on and on in my head in an attempt to calm myself, but the feeling of discomfort only intensified. It felt like I was floating on a heatwave and my cells were emitting steam. At the same time, a strange tingly feeling crawled up from below my spine. This unsettling feeling made me toss and turn on the bed, it was impossible to feel at peace. I couldn’t take it anymore , so I got up to switch off the sonar.

As soon as I stood up, my legs couldn’t support the weight of my body so I fell onto the glass floor.

Why were my legs numb all of a sudden? All I could do at that moment was stare at the blinking light on my desk, I didn’t have the energy to stand up.

The merman’s hoarse voice that came from the sonar didn’t sound like mere mumbling. Instead, his voice felt like it was reverberating around me, as if Dicken was whispering right into my ear. It even felt like I could feel his breathing and feel his tongue slithering all over my earlobe. My own breathing started becoming heavier and heavier as well.

I felt like a curse had gotten hold of me and waves of lust had washed over my body. This feeling terrified me because I couldn’t explain this scientifically. Did this mean that what the elderly woman said in my dream was true, that merman had some sort of mysterious powers?

My body started to become more sensitive, in tandem with the increasing intensity of the merman’s hoarse voice. Beginning from the base of my spine, spreading out to my limbs, then finally concentrating at the opening between my legs.

My thighs and private parts started to tingle as the thought of my body feeling empty crossed my mind.

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