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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 30

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 30

The phrase referred to attracting a mate, in a rut, or courtship? I had no idea how to explain this phrase and what Dicken had been doing.

Regardless, Dicken’s actions were obviously of a teasing nature to me. If it were a monkey or gorilla before me, I would analyze them rationally from a scientific perspective without feeling embarrassed even if they were flaunting their penises.

But when it came to Dicken and his lewd hints, I couldn’t explain the meaning behind the word, I would rather bury my head in a hole like an ostrich.

Why did I feel that way? Was I subconsciously treating him as a human being?

No, that wasn’t possible. That was definitely not true!

As I was being tormented by my own thoughts, Laura had been staring at me and waiting for my answer which made me feel more ashamed than I already was. I could only turn to Gary for help. But when I turned to look at him, he pretended not to see it. I felt as though he was saying ‘See? You brought this upon yourself! ‘

I could only say with a thick face, “This… refers to… ‘


I swear I didn’t mean to be untruthful to scientific facts! But the words continued to leave my lips. “

This phrase could have a special meaning to inerpeople. So when I shouted this phrase, it attracted him. As for the specific meaning of this phrase, we will only know for sure when we analyze it with Professor Peter after he wakes up.”

Laura seemed disappointed with my answer. She sighed and said, ”Alice was a lot of effort to raise as she was our only mermaid clone. I didn’t expect her to become that merman’s food source. Why did he suddenly go insane? This is unbelievable! “

Recalling what I saw earlier of Alice’s tragic state, I couldn’t help but feel my chest tighten. My inability to stop that from happening tormented me with guilt.

I said sadly, ”I don’t know why this happened as well. Peter said that the merman had been refusing to eat since he was brought here. He didn’t even devour the dolphins that were with him. Why then did he eat another of the same species… ”

”This is exactly why we need your help, Linda”, Laura interrupted as she placed a hand on my shoulder, ”only you can effectively communicate with him. You’re really a genius in biology. With my authority as the head of this facility, I cordially invite you to lead the merpeople research project. I will prepare an official letter of employment. I suppose this will be a good opportunity for you to gather material for your thesis. Of course, this project is also very important to the Japanese government.”

I inhaled a deep breath, ruminating on what Laura had said. I asked, ”You mean the government is hiring me, and I will be working for the government?”

Based on the years of experience as a student, I could tell Laura wasn’t saying this as an academic but rather, as a colonel. If I were to refuse, I would never have the chance to research merpeople ever again. This was an outcome I could never accept as merpeople research had been my goal for the past several years.

I nodded my head and said, ”I accept.”

”Then as her professor, I’m willing to supervise her as she completes this project, Professor Laura. She’s still quite young and has no prior experience in working here.”

Gary seemed to have planned to say this line immediately after I finished mine. I could tell he was anxious. I had never seen him be so careful before, and I could never comprehend the deeper meaning behind his words.

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