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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 23

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 23

I struggled violently. His huge shaft was very deep inside. His large and thick shaft seemed to be stuck within my vagina with a suction force. Little by little, it made its way inside me all the way to its base.

My vagina was stretched to its limit, it was painful and it made me feel bloated. It even felt like the shaft had entered my uterus. But at the same time, a sensation of numbing pleasure sent shivers up my spine. Every time Dicken moved, my mind would blank out for a moment. With the friction his movement produced, the pleasure became more and more extreme.

This kind of pleasure would make any virgin surrender. It was a foreign kind of pleasure that was much stronger than the pleasure that came from masturbation. I could feel my head go numb. There were a few times where I thought Dicken was about to cause a tear in my vagina. I was definitely on the verge of going crazy. I couldn’t help but moan with my mouth wide open yet there were tears flowing from the corners of my eyes.

I must have looked very embarrassed then. I was about to go crazy from being f*cked by a beast.

Dicken must have seen my unraveled expression causing him to hold my face in his hand and lick my tears away with his tongue. Even then, the shaft that was thrusting into me showed no signs of halting. He made my spine arch backward as pulled his member out from my opening. My vagina was empty for a second, when suddenly he held up my bum and rammed his entire dick inside, its head colliding directly with my cervix.

“Ah… Dicken… stop…“

Broken moans constantly leaked out of my mouth. M y vagina clenched as the extreme pleasure flooded m y mind. I felt like I was about to pass out from all the thrusting, my body was starting to collapse.

I was ashamed as I saw a white fluid leaking out of me as the purplish-red dick continued thrusting in and out.

Dicken did not stop thrusting even though I had already climaxed.

Damn it, Linda. You really just got f*cked by a beast until you came!

No, it couldn’t be.

My body felt hot after climaxing, but my mind still insisted on rejecting him. In my dazed stupor, I wanted to use my hand to remove his member from within me. I fumbled around trying to find the place where we were both connected. But when my hand touched the hot object, it seemed to have gotten more excited and it started twitching within me.

Dicken himself also became more excited as his tail started moving more violently. His hands held up my limp body and he continued ramming his dick into me more aggressively than before. The only thing I could do at that point was to moan as my tears blurred my vision.

My heart was filled with feelings of shame, but my body reveled in the pleasure and climaxed from this beastial intercourse.

If someone were to find out about this…

No, stop! I didn’t want to imagine what would happen…

While these anxious thoughts were coursing through my mind, Dicken was still aggressively thrusting into me, drowning me in a sea of pleasure.

Suddenly, a furious voice could be heard and I could hear the sound of bullets colliding with glass.

“Linda! Linda! “

My mind was completely blank. I could only reflexively look in the direction of that voice, and I saw a familiar silhouette running toward me.

No! Stop!

It was like a switch in my mind had switched off. My mouth opened but I couldn’t make any sound as I passed out.

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