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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 202

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 202

I promptly sat up in reflex and jumped into the water, searching around crazily. Even so, all I found was the vague illumination of the lights from both sides of the canal, and no glimpse of a fishtail.

Realizing that the glimpse I had a moment ago could be an illusion, I was crumbling inside and started to flail my arms wildly against the water like a child throwing a tantrum, but I just couldn’t care about the weird looks pedestrians nearby were throwing at me.

“Dicken! Get out here, you bastard! “ I yelled maniacally. “I know it’s you! It has to be! Are you punishing me? Did you want me to see me lose my mind thinking about you? Or did you just want to see how much I yearn for you? Well, let me tell you this—you’ve totally won! I’ve been searching for you for over a year… A whole year! If I can’t see you again… F*ck, I’ve really gone crazy…“

I lowered my head in despair and buried my face in the water, feeling as if something was stuck in my chest as despair overcame me.

But suddenly, a crazy thought occurred to me as if I was given guidance.

I had no idea if I was really crazy, but I climbed back on the gondola and rowed it as close to the iron gate as possible, so that pedestrians wouldn’t see the craziness I was up to.

After all, it was actually a little crazy, and anyone who saw me would definitely think that I was a woman with a disgusting, obscene fetish.

Having hid the gondola in the darkness, I lay on my back and undid the buttons of my thoroughly soaked shirt, one by one.

My movement was very slow as if I was performing some sort of ritual sacrifice, and I continued to take off layers of my own clothes until I was completely n*ked.

I continued to lay there quietly, using myself as bait and waiting. I even started to run my fingers all over my own body as Dicken had done so many times, repeatedly groping my sensitive spots, rearing myself as if offering myself.

Even if I was feeling utterly embarrassed, my heart was racing and I felt that I must have gone crazy, but that is exactly what I wanted to do—it was my wager, because I know how much Dicken the pervert liked my body!

I waited quietly, my hands never once stopping, even as I wondered how long that pervert would

resist. It had been over a year since he had touched my body, and would he be even more thirsty now, or had he lost interest?

At the same time, my eyes were wide open like a hunter, combing through every corner where someone might be looking, but there was nothing unusual going on around me.

Only the darkness and the sounds of raindrops played in tune with my motions, as if to mock me for how ridiculous and foolish I was being.

Unable to persevere any longer , I closed my eyes dejectedly as despondence crept all over me. Still, n*ked, I sat up and hugged my legs, resting my head on my knees as I watched my legs go red from the cold.

That was when a particular scent wafted out of the aqueduct. Not only was it starkly different from the dank air that was supposed to be in there, but it was a sweet aroma I was very familiar with ! I looked up in an instant like an addict who had caught a whiff of drugs, my mind blowing up right then. That was when I saw a silhouette appear from the corner of the aqueduct, behind the iron gate. It was just like the first time I had seen it at the deep sea research room—he slowly poked his head out of the water, locks of his black hair spread over the surface.

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