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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 201

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 201

An iron gate blocked by steel bars was in my way. Though I could see through the gaps into the darkness inside, I saw several turns heading towards the left side, but there was no way of telling where it connected to. I also saw wall sculptings over the walls on both sides —the aqueduct may have been a tourist spot before, though it was now closed down for some reason.

I saw the gap between the iron gates then and tried to push myself inside, standing on my sides so that I could squeeze my way in. Despite being skinny, however, I realized that I just wouldn’t make it through.

If I couldn’t make it through when I was this slim, then someone as burly as Dicken would certainly not get through, not to mention that there was a long, thick tail hidden beneath his wide trench coat. Even if he had some method to turn himself human, he would never get through that narrow entrance.

But how did he disappear from here? Could he be underwater like I was?

I promptly jumped back into the nearby canal, but it was only as deep as an adult person’s height and very narrow. Could he really hide underwater with his huge figure? Where?

I couldn’t help doubting what I had seen, and worried that I was imagining it. Looking around, I found that the bars around me were brightly lit, whereas the depths of that aqueduct was still pitch- black, and hence leapt atop the gondola, sitting on it as I reached out my hand and touched the coarse wooden planks —it reminded me of Dicken’s thick, powerful tail, as if his scales were brushing over my palm.

The downpour persisted, and I finally felt cold as the icy chill of the rain continued to assault me, as if I would freeze into an icicle myself.

I knew I should leave for my own health, but my heart was bellowing at me, ‘Don’t leave! He is here, he is watching you, and it took you so much to chase him here! ‘

I closed myself and inhaled forcefully, attempting to taste the various scents in the air. Even so, there was nothing to be found, let alone that intoxicating scent of his.

I know that I was lying to myself because of my reluctance to give up on that fragment of hope. But if Dicken really had returned from the merfolk’s realm, why didn’t he come to find me? And he promised to find me wherever I was…

He probably didn’t. In fact, he might have long since given up on me, a human, and naturally would not return to the embrace of humankind who had virtually wiped out his entire race.

That reasoning was most logical—after all, how resistant had I been towards the idea of going with him to the merfolk’s home, after all? I even chose to leave him on multiple occasions because I did not want to become a mermaid.

Was that why our connection had long since been severed? Perhaps all trace of it was gone even if his blood flowed within my veins.

‘Isn’t it funny, Lina? You’re now relentlessly chasing after the one whom you wanted to get away from, and reluctant to give up even if that hope might merely have been your imagination.’

Hell, I was falling apart.

“Are you here, Dicken? Do you see me? What do I have to do to make you see me? Come out, Dicken… I beg you! ”

I wiped away the rainwater over my face and clenched my fist as I punched the gondola, even as I screamed like a beast. However, I did not get any response.

In despair, I lay down on the book and stared blankly into the skies, watching as raindrops poured endlessly from above. My eyelids were getting heavy, but just as I couldn’t fight the exhaustion and was about to close my eyes, I glimpsed a shadow that appeared in a flash in the water, and the entire gondola shook.

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