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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 196

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 196

“13th of January, 2013

“It has been probably fifteen days since the helicopter crashed in the ocean… probably.

“I can’t tell how long I have been unconscious, and I could only make a guess from what David told me— the man who fished me out of the water.

“According to David, everyone else onboard the chopper was killed, and only I survived miraculously.

“However, with the concussions and my broken legs, the doctors said that I might need half a year to stand again, and that there was no certainty if I would regain my memories.

“Yes. I have completely forgotten everything: my identity, my experiences, and where I should be.

“My mind is an utter mess.

“I just hope that I can regain my memories soon. “ “2lst of June, 2013

“I’m not sure if I’m happy or miserable after remembering everything.

“Captain David commands a rescue and salvage ship called the Seeker, crewed by vagabonds without nationality. I’m proud to be a part of them.

“After I recovered, I joined the Seeker and returned to the seas, journeying around what was once Lemenland and searching for any signs of Jack, the others… and Dicken, but to no avail.

“Both Lemenland and Laura’s boats were gone without a trace, and I found nothing even after I dived into the ocean to search for them.

“And perhaps because the portal to the mermaid’s realms was sealed forever, Dicken would not return either…“

“l2th of July, 2013

“I repeatedly begged Captain David to take me to that beach, where Dicken had saved me for the first time when I was a child—the place where my grandfather’s ship sank.

“I had hoped that Dicken would be dashing across the sea towards me, and I even faked drowning to try to lure him in… but he never showed up.

“Funny. I’ve always wanted to stay away from him, and yet now I ‘m trying everything to find him again.

“It hurts. I’ll end this entry here.“ “l5th of July, 2013

“David led us to the place where my grandfather’s ship sank for salvage operations, and was furious because we didn’t fish out anything of value. He believes that I have swindled him—he is right.

“Even so, I am very happy. After all, I somehow managed to fish out a chest, and by god, I can’t believe what was in there!

“Not only was my grandfather’s old belongings in there, but there was also a photo. Though it was very blurred, I could see that it was Dicken, holding a younger me as we played in the water. He was beaming, and I found it intimate despite it looking a little frightening.

“While others thought it to be a mysterious photo of some sort of paranormal activity, I was on the verge of tears.

“After this, the Seeker would be making its way to the Arctic Ocean to salvage the debris of an UFO.“

“5th of January, 2014

“I can’t believe that I’ve stayed in the Arctic for almost half a year, but David’s decision was clearly the right one—we have found tons of gemstones from the UFO’s wreckage, which are more precious than anything else to vagabonds such as us.

“Thanks to that, we did not have to carry out salvage operations for almost half a year or elude pursuit of various navies, allowing us some proper respite.

“But that means nothing to me. I ‘m now a wanted criminal in Japan, a criminal like Gary who is hunted for crimes of espionage. As if all previous conspiracies have evaporated after the portal was gone, I cannot set foot in the country ever again.

“No longer am I a student of Japan’s Maritime Universe, but a good swimmer and mercenary crewing the Seeker.

“Would my parents in Japan miss me? Their good daughter is now missing and labeled a traitor to Japan…

“I have thought about clearing my name, but without a nationality, I don’t even have the right to speak to the Japanese government about the crimes Laura and Gary smeared me with.

“I could only wish that my parents would forget about me.“

“28th of March, 2014

“This is the final entry in my diary.

“Ever since the portal to the merfolk’s home realm had been opened, Dicken seemed to have disappeared entirely… as if an invisible hand had wiped him out of my life.

“Now, I am becoming convinced of what David had kept telling me—that my brain had been injured extensively, causing me to develop weird illusions and fake memories.

“In other words, I am delusional.

“Maybe Dicken has never existed, and is just a vague dream I had in the night.

“Time to wake up, Linda.“

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