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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 195

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 195

Even as the world around us changed in an instant, I tried my best to open my eyes to witness it—and somehow found several helicopters, marked with Japan’s flag, flying towards our direction!

I suddenly realized that they might be the reinforcements whom Jack had called upon, and became as emotional as if I was reunited with family. I tried to yell in their direction, but I had been pulled up in the air, spinning and unable to make a sound even as I was thrown further away from Mary.

Meanwhile, the entire island was sliced apart by the cyclone that was flashing in blue, and as the buffeting winds slowly stretched across the entire island from the cavern, I was sent flying into the sky.

When I looked down, I saw the rift under the lake enlarging, and it now resembled a giant maw consuming the entire island as Lemenland began to crumble. To be precise, that was a black hole that opened underneath the sea, and the entrance to the merfolk’s home.

Through it all, my mind and sight were fading as the cyclone tore at my body, but I manage to remember that Jack and the others were still on the Nazis’ boats! I did all I could to turn and find the ships… I had to send the helicopters to help them!

Damn it! I had never expected this situation after opening the portal, and it had happened so quickly

that I did not have any time to react. Why didn’t Dicken warn me about this?!

I did all I could to wave my arms, and yelled on top o f my lungs at the approaching helicopters, but they seemed to be bypassing my location to avoid the cyclone which came out of nowhere.

Fortunately, I was thrown on top of a tree, and I promptly hugged its shaking trunk as the cyclone moved away. I continued to yell loudly at the choppers until one eventually made its way towards me and threw a rope ladder down to me, and I quickly climbed up.

However, the instant the rescue team pulled me in, I was pressed into a chair the next instant, and my hands were cuffed behind the chair.

It was only then that I realized that they might have taken me for one of Laura’s people because I was wearing Gary’s clothes !

”You’ve got it all wrong ! ” I quickly yelled in Japanese. ”I’m Japanese ! Please, you have to save the students from the Maritime University! “

Even so, they acted as if they couldn’t hear me, and I started to struggle against my handcuffs.

Meanwhile , the chopper was heading towards the sinking ships, and soon hovered on top of it.

My eyes were fixed below as I searched for any signs of Jack or Dicken, only to find Laura’s group swiftly evacuating on lifeboats. When I finally found Jack and the others, I promptly shouted, ”There, on the second lifeboat! Those are the students who had issued the distress call! Could you please help them?

They are just university students! “

However, the cockpit was in utter chaos as someone was barking orders from the other end. “Chopper Two, Chopper Two—get clear right now! The cyclone is spreading and you are not within minimum safe distance. Chopper One is already down, abandon the operations and get clear right now! “

“No, no, no! Don’t give up! They are right beneath us!“ I struggled in panic and maniacally pulled against my handcuffs, but the two men beside me kept me pinned on my seat as the chopper started to turn back.

I turned to look at the island that was gradually disappearing from the surface of the ocean, with tears welling in my eyes.

Suddenly, a black figure shot out of the cyclone like a demon descending upon the human realm, turning into a black thunderbolt that shot within the dark abyss consuming the island.

The black figure was very far away from me, but I knew that it was Dicken. Just a moment ago, he was still watching this chopper, which was heading into the distance.

Even so, everything was happening too quickly. In a single split second, I saw that the blue cyclone seemed to have multiplied in size, and eventually erupted into a blinding flash. I closed my eyes by instinct, but when I opened them again, the island, Laura’s ship, and Dicken had all disappeared into the sea.

As if it had never existed, as if it was a dream, it was all completely erased before my eyes.

I stared blankly at the skies, feeling as if something had been drained out of my heart.

Without knowing it, my tears had soaked through my sleeves.

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