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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 192

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 192

To be honest, I wanted to kill this demonic Nazi who had destroyed my academic career and my future. However, even as I aimed my gun at his head, I realized that murder was not as simple as it seemed, and that I couldn’t be a cold-blooded killer.

My hand was shaking even as I unlocked the gun’s safety and shoved the barrel at his temple. I knew how much trouble this man would be if I didn’t resolve myself to kill him, but I restrained myself because I could hear the occasional movement outside.

The soldiers outside would definitely hear it if I fired my gun. Once they rushed in to find that I had killed Gary, they would definitely double their guard on me, and there was no chance for me to escape.

Indeed, I felt relief when I realized that I didn’t have to kill. Then, to ensure that Gary would be out for a while longer, I bludgeoned his head heavily with the butt of my gun, before picking up the syringe just now and injecting him with the sedative.

“Enjoy your rare moment of respite, Gary.“

I kicked him and hit the gun on my hip, looked outside the window, and waited for the right moment.

It was midnight, and as the patrolling soldiers nearby appeared drowsy, I kicked open the window and climbed out agilely like a monkey, and landed softly on the deck.

I was stunned right then by what I saw beneath my feet.

There was a glass deck over the cargo hold, inside of which contained countless captured merpeople —the ones I saw being captured.

What surprised me more than that was who I found among them. The girl whom Bob had been using—a mermaid, to be precise—was right beneath me, and I was sure that she must have turned into a mermaid like I had.

She clearly noticed me, and was pushing against the glass to stare at me warily, but as I leaned down to meet her gaze, her eyes suddenly widened, before she put up a hopeful and respectful look. She pressed her paw against the glass, as if begging for me to release her.

I looked around. The darkness just happened to cover my figure, and I dropped prone to study the handle of the cargo hold, which was secured by a gigantic metallic lock.

Taking out Gary’s keys, I tried every single one, but somehow there wasn’t a single one that fit.

Right now, there was no option other than to break the glass, but causing a major disturbance like that would definitely draw the attention of the soldiers. A t that point, I would be able to free a few merpeople a t best before the armed guards shot me dead.

Be that as it may, I wasn’t familiar enough with the layout of Lemenland, and needed at least onemerperson to help me find Kalimadi and act as a translator.

That was why the best idea right now was to free the mermaid in front of me. Since she used to be a human before, she could talk to me, and we could help each other out since she also knew that Bob and the others were conspiring.

Hence, I plastered myself in front of the glass and whispered, “I ‘m going to help you escape right now, but you can’t bring your friends along, and you’ll have to flee into the ocean with me right now. I need to find Kalimadi before I am to save your friends,

and that’s an order from your leader… Do you understand what I ‘m saying? What is your name?“

Her beautiful eyes watched me blankly for a while before it slowly sparkled, and she nodded fervently.

“Mary, “ she mouthed.

I watched her do so, and despite being uncertain if I got it right, I said, “Alright, Mary.“

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