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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 19

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 19

The fragrance I had smelled when I first entered the reservoir was now overpowering to the point that it made me dizzy. It made my arms and legs go weak and I inadvertently placed a palm on the glass to support myself.

“Linda, he’s heading this way! The black box attracted him! I found the right frequency! “

Peter raised the black box next to my ear and started to explain, “This is the frequency. This is the same frequency emitted by dolphins when they mate. We suspect that the dolphins suddenly went into heat when the merman produced this frequency.“

I concentrated on the sounds produced by the black box and heard a few familiar syllables. “Di -ek-en“

“Do you hear it? I think this is the sound the merman produces when attracting a mate! “, Peter said proudly as he revealed his discovery.

I, on the other hand, felt extremely embarrassed. I wanted to correct him, but his guess was not completely off the mark based on what the merman did to me before. As for the sounds the merman made when he was in heat, I had used them to give him a name.

I suddenly felt an impulse to call out the merman’s name. If I did, would the merman think I wanted to mate?

Oh my goodness! Based on what had happened on the boat, the merman really was trying to mate with me, and I even gave him a response.


As I stood shocked by my own thought process, the chanting of the syllables started to become louder. However, the sounds didn’t come from the black box, but from the cabin door instead.

Even a heavy cabin door enforced with modern technology couldn’t completely block out the sound of his voice. Instead, it sounded like the words were being said right next to my ear.

I stared stiffly at the reservoir in front of me and watched as the merman appeared in front of me in the blink of an eye. He stared back at me with eyes resembling an abyss. It was like they could suck me in at any moment.

He extended a pale webbed claw and placed it on the handprint I had left on the glass earlier.

I forced myself to remain calm. The merman just mistook me for a mating partner. I was totally safe in this high -tech reservoir observation room. There was no way the merman could breach it.

I placed my hand onto the glass as well. Now, both our palms were only separated by a layer of tempered glass. His hand was large and his fingers carried strength. If he were a human, he would be very good at basketball.

Dicken seemed to be very satisfied with my gesture a s his face got closer to the glass and he looked closer

at me. Then, he closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, as if he was taking in my scent.

Suddenly, he directed his gaze to Peter who was standing behind me. The merman said several syllables to him, syllables that I had never heard him say before.


What? If what I heard wasn’t an auditory illusion, then that meant he wanted us to open the door!

Peter was silent. I hesitantly looked back at him and saw that he was staring at the merman dazedly. After that, he walked to the control panel of the cabin door and pressed a red button, like a robot under command.

The label above the button said ’emergency switch’!

“Peter! “, I called out, in hope of stopping him. But it was already too late. The water level within the reservoir had decreased by half compared to before. The cabin door above the observation room had also opened.

I was so stunned by the situation that my legs lost their strength, causing me to sit on the floor. My mind couldn’t comprehend how the events had unfolded. I then watched as Dicken climbed in through the cabin door like a huge lizard.

I quickly glanced at Peter. But it seemed he had fainted some time during the commotion.

I crawled towards Peter and tapped his cheek several times as I shouted, “Damn it! Peter! Please wake up! “

Just then, a webbed claw grabbed one of my legs. I turned around in fear only to see the merman supporting his dripping wet upper body with both hands, much like our position back on the boat. He smiled and bore his sharp teeth at me.


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