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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 189

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 189

Laura laughed mockingly. “There is no straight road to success. However, our conditions now have improved considerably compared to before as we learn from the past.“ She extended her arms and said, “Look around us. We have every component to achieve success. We’re only missing one crucial thing, a key. The key to success.“

“You all…“

‘Wait, is Laura admitting that they’re the very fascists from World War II?!’

Laura didn’t leave me with time to think. She lifted my chin suddenly, and I pushed her hand away in response. But Gary forcefully controlled my neck from behind me and restricted my handcuffed hands simultaneously.

My chin was forcefully pinched by sharp nails painted with purple nail polish. “A pretty lady like you who can naturally attract the leader of the merpeople. You are our key, my little genius. You have a lot of secrets, don’t you? But don’t worry, we have a way of making you talk. So it’s best if you listen to us obediently.“

“Are you calling me your key?“ I glared at Laura coldly as I straightened myself. I ‘m actually taller than Laura, so I looked down at her using my height as an advantage. I attempted to make her feel threatened by my physical presence. I knew that a

strong lady like her wouldn’t enjoy being stared down by another woman, but I persisted in doing so. Then I spoke to her word by word. ”Then treat my friends better. Otherwise, I will never let you use me, even if it means killing myself. I would think that you would need me for your plan to be carried out perfectly, wouldn’t you?”

She looked towards Gary, raised the corner of her lips, and mocked, ”Captain Gary, you have my permission to do whatever you want with her. I know the grueling lifestyle of war is unappealing , and I’m not a cold-blooded superior. It’s about time I repay you. Please use her well and make sure she’s unable to stand up, understand?”

”Get away from me! ” I shouted, desperately struggling to escape Gary’s grip. But I felt an electric shock run through my neck like a needle prick. After that, I lost consciousness and became enveloped in darkness.

The next time I awoke, it was already nighttime. I was lying on a bed with both hands restricted against the headboard by my handcuffs. I wasn’t wearing a single article of clothing, which made me feel unsafe. I wriggled my body and struggled for a few moments, but I didn’t hear any sounds of people. There wasn’t anyone around. Gary wasn’t here either, and I didn’t feel any signs of penetration in my body. This meant that Gary hadn’t raped me. Either that or Dicken’s magnetic field had protected me, making Gary unable to rape me.

I blinked in the dark rapidly, activating my night vision, and my surroundings became clearer. I was locked in a cramped boat cabin. Guns and clothing

were hanging haphazardly from the walls. There were also a disorganized collection of books and sailing tools on the desk.

‘This must be Gary’s quarters.’

The smell of cigarette smoke and beer lingered in the air. On top of the thought of Gary’s intentions behind stripping me naked, this made me feel disgusted. My gut tensed, almost making me vomit, and my breathing became uneasy.

The events that happened before I was electrocuted into unconsciousness were muddled my brain in confusion. The situation I was in was beyond my control. I could only pull against my handcuffs, attempting to set myself free from them. But all this did was cause severe pain in my wrists and harsh sounds of the handcuffs’ friction against the headboard.

‘I need to calm down. I can’ t make any more noise because if I attract Gary’s presence, my chances of escaping are even more unlikely.’

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