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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 188

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 188

“Linda, please call me Professor Bob. I’m delighted to meet you again, my Japanese friend.“ Bob’s unsteady eyes stared at me as if wanting to convey a bit of happiness. But instead, his eyes looked like they were twitching, making his face look even more strange.

I suddenly felt a rush of anger from being lied to. So, I tightened my fist and questioned him. “Didn’t you die? I saw you on the hospital bed with my own eyes. Your heart stopped beating, and I even saw you being put into a coffin! How are you here now? What more with this group of people?! “

As I said this, I remembered that stormy afternoon. I had accompanied the weak Bob and listened to him speak with his dying breath about his desired merpeople. He then looked out the window towards the rolling sea in the storm before letting out his final breath. His closest friends and I held a vigil for him and went to his funeral together…

That was why seeing all of this was so strange to me!

“Linda, don’t be so brash. What you’re seeing right now is reality.“ He held onto a cane and walked towards me step by step. “I did, in fact, die during that stormy night, but I’ve come back to life! Look at me, isn’t my physical condition amazing? I’ve even become younger! This is all because I’ve extracted the merpeople genes! Is this not a miracle?“

He pointed at a glass tank being transported towards our direction as he spoke. My gaze followed his direction and saw a gorgeous black- haired mermaid with oriental features sealed within the water tank. Her black eyes glared at Bob as they brimmed with tears and were lit with raging anger.

”Linda, remember the old lady who told you her daughter was taken away by merpeople? ” Bob stared at the oriental mermaid and praised, ”she had returned to find her mother , and this opportunity enabled me to obtain the merpeople genes. She can even act as the key to finding the merpeople’s whereabouts! Wouldn’t you say that this was a God- given opportunity?”

He looked at me excitedly, but then his gaze turned dark, showing a fraction of dissatisfaction. ”It’s just that the merpeople’s genes within my body are too unstable. We need a stronger, purer, and more stable bloodline’s genes. Just think about it, Linda, eternal youth, immortality, rapid healing, and overwhelming strength. If we pull this off successfully, we will accelerate humanity’s evolution, and human beings will be recognized as survivors of the fittest in natural selection. What a glorious thing this would be! Join us now, Linda, and believe me, you’ll become a biologist who’s even more famous than Darwin !

‘ Survival of the fittest ! How terrifying ! Those were the exact words merciless fascists cried out during World War II when they committed genocide!

Exactly what sort of relationship did they have with fascists?

‘They want to eliminate merpeople as a species, snatch away their genes, strengthen their military powers, and commit genocide onto more disadvantaged people ! Is this their so -called glorious purpose?

‘And I’m carrying Dicken’s genes, and they have targeted me since the day I was born. I’ in the most important pawn in their plan because they know Dicken will look for me! Many years ago, the invitation Bob sent me wasn’t for any overseas research, but instead to pull me into this bottomless whirlpool !

”You’re crazy ! You’re all crazy ! ” I started trembling in anger, shaking my head and backing away from them. ”Your vain attempt to steal the merpeoples’ genes to change the natural evolution of the human race could never have good consequences ! You’ll never stop being dragged down by human nature’s terrible desires. At least not until you fall into an inescapable abyss. Think about the creation of biochemical weapons during World War II. You’ll eventually face backlash from it!”

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