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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 185

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 185

I stared at Dicken beside the water dungeon while panting heavily. Then I lowered my head awkwardly and whispered, “Dicken, I don’t know how to face you. It’s too complicated. Don’t you think our relationship is kind of strange? I may need time to think about it…“

“Linda, lift your head and look at me…“

Dicken’s hoarse voice grew louder, and I slowly raised my head as though possessed. His features were sharp, and his gaze looked wicked yet gentle. He looked at me with intense emotion. His eyes were determined and filled with the power he had accumulated over the years. His love was so passionate that it left me gasping for air.

“Linda, you are my destiny.“

He had a slight grin on his lips. His voice was hoarse but firm like he was stating an unquestionable fact. His long fishtail extended out in front of me. Slowly, the fish fins caressed my chest. They quickly unbuttoned the buttons on my chest. Then, bit by bit, his fishtail rubbed my chest. It occasionally stroked past the birthmark on my chest that contained Dicken’s genes, as if playing the strings in my heart. My heart began to race like it would burst through my chest and dedicated itself to Dicken.

I couldn’t stop myself from touching his fishtail. My palm was picking up on the patterns on his scales.

The layer of scales seemed to carry electricity, and it penetrated my palm, leaving me numb all over. I couldn’t help but close my eyes and enjoy Dicken’s touch as much as I could.

He suddenly gathered his strength and pressed his fishtail against the water dungeon wall. He was purposefully punishing me for my rejection just now. He used his fishtail to open my legs and insert i t between them. Then he started rubbing his fishtail between my legs.

“Bastard ! Ugh! Dicken ! Don’t… Please don’t do it ! ” My back was against the dungeon wall, and I slid up and down as Dicken rubbed his back against mine. I felt a tingling sensation between my legs. I gasped and tried to stand up, but my legs shivered uncontrollably.

“She will not be yours soon! “

The hatch suddenly opened. Gary’s shadow appeared on the water. Before I could react, I heard a ” ka- ta” sound. It was the sound of the safety being removed!


I jumped in fright, desperate to stop Gary. However, the gunshot had already been fired. The water surface suddenly piled up into flower-shaped waves. Dicken moved his fishtail instantly at the speed of light. I’m pretty sure Gary’s shot missed him.

I turned to Gary, pounced on him, and knocked him on the hatch with great force. I hit him and desperately yanked the gun from his grip, preventing him from aiming at Dicken. My strength was heightened by the merman’s genes in me. Gary

had to push me against the hatch, but he cou1dn’t take the gun from my grip.

“Linda! “ I saw Dicken’s tail sweeping impetuously from a few meters apart. It seemed as if Dicken was irritated by my current posture. But the distance between the hatch and him was beyond the length of his fishtail. He could only swing his fishtail that was supposed to break Gary into half around the water dungeon.

Gary wore a glum expression. He stood firm against me, refusing to budge an inch. He looked at me as if his eyes were about to pierce through me, “You said you were bewitched by him? Linda, it’s as if you’re addicted to having sex with him. Do you enjoy getting fucked? I can also satisfy you! “

Gary even let go of the gun after saying that. He pressed his body against mine and jumped up to kiss my neck like a madman. I was completely irritated. I fist clenched and wanted to punch him in the face. But there was a loud noise before I could throw a punch. Bang! Something heavy smacked Gary on the head. In a split second, he became weak, and I could break free. Gary became unsteady on his feet and fell to the ground as a result. He rubbed the smashed back of his head. His palm was covered in blood. Dicken hit him with the same iron bucket he had used to destroy the surveillance camera above.

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