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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 184

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 184

‘But why don’t I remember these things when I am older?’ Since my grandfather’s death in the shipwreck, I had completely lost my memories. And then I was taken to stay in the city with my parents.

From what I recalled, Dicken acted as a guardian figure in my childhood. ‘What an unbelievable fact! ‘


A hoarse voice came into my mind. The surrounding darkness slowly disappeared. As I opened my eyes again, I returned to the cabin with Dicken.

Dicken looked into my eyes with strong emotions. His appearance coincided with the memories of long ago. I felt light-headed by the strange feeling that I had never experienced before.

I never expected to have such a close relationship with this merman who appeared out of nowhere in my life. He infiltrated my life and disrupted my reality and life plans. His genes were even present in my body. I could be considered one of his descendants! When I was a child, he took on the role of a father. But now he’s made me his consort in front of his entire clan!

This complicated relationship made me feel immoral, almost as if I had committed incest. But I couldn’t help but be drawn to his powerful magnetic force. I tried to be rational, but my body and mind were always drawn to him. I desperately wanted to get close to him. I felt an indescribable blood-related closeness to him, especially when I was younger, especially before I was five.

Unconsciously, my gaze was drawn to his chest. I extended my hand and touched his beating heart. I could feel the flow of his blood through his muscular skin. It was both the thing that lasted my entire life and the thing that completely changed my destiny.

I couldn’t stop myself from caressing his cheek. He fixed his gaze on me and spat out in hushed tones, ” You are mine…”

I was surprised that he didn’t speak English or Japanese, but rather a merfolk-only language. Nonetheless, I was able to grasp it now. It was as if my mind had been suddenly supplemented with a mermen language translator capable of accurately interpreting his meaning.

I suddenly realized it was the ”connection” Dicken had mentioned earlier. Science could not explain this at all. Perhaps this was a unique ability of the mermen species.

My mind had far too much to process in a few minutes. It was too much for me to bear. I shook my head in pain and took a subconscious step backward.

I was surprised by a strong force that tightened my waist. Dicken wrapped his fishtail tightly around me and drew me over to him. ”Don’t try to leave me… ” The water droplets on his body immediately wet my cheek.

Dicken squinted, his eyes narrowed. I could tell it was a warning by the look on his face.

My breathing appeared to be obstructed. I had to admit that it felt strange to be able to communicate with Dicken so easily. I’d completely immerse myself in it. His ideas seemed to enter my head. They reached my heart along with his emotions. There was no way I could have buffered everything.

My lips were already covered in Dicken’s while I was still in shock. He stuck his tongue out and licked it inside my mouth. My mind was still replaying the image of him hugging me like a father. And then there’s the image of him playing with me at sea! I could only try to avoid his kiss instinctively, but he was too strong. When I finally managed to break free from him after much struggle, I noticed Dicken’s wrists were bleeding again as a result of my attempts.

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