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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 182

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 182

I couldn’t help but scream. Everything in front of me began to distort again like I was caught in a vortex. My body was swallowed by a powerful force, and I was then surrounded in darkness…

My body became extremely light, like a feather in the air. My vision gradually became clearer. Just as I thought I was returning to reality, I was taken aback by the scene in front of me.

I was floating like a ghost on the ceiling of a baby room. I noticed a black-haired baby in the crib. She appeared pale and ill. Her small veins were linked to the infusion tubes. She was too ill and seemed to die the minute she was born.

She blinked her big silver eyes open and looked up, intrigued. I thought she was looking at me at first, and I even reached out to greet her, but she ignored my greeting. Then she turned her head to the side. She was staring at the person coming in through the door.

It was an elderly gentleman with gray hair and beards. From above, I looked at him. My heart was immediately filled with a familiar feeling. I recognized it all at once when he walked towards the baby and gently caressed the baby’s cheek with his palm. He was my grandfather.

I realized this after looking at his face shape and figure. My grandfather was the merman who had stolen the crystal from Dickens’ heart when he was young!

I just realized what was going on in the scene. He was haggling with the alpha merman, Dicken. He had promised to pay the price so that Dicken would let him return to Earth. But I couldn’t figure out why Dicken let him bring back the crystal that contained the blood from his heart.

‘How could my grandfather have a tail? Is he a merman? When he returned to Earth, how did he transform into a normal human being? Even Dicken couldn’t transform into a human being. What the hell is going on?’

As I was attempting to analyze everything, I noticed my grandfather take a test tube from his pocket. It was full of shimmering blue liquid. When he opened the test tube lid, the blue liquid immediately boiled and turned into blue mist. It quickly condensed into a solid. It was the crystal that had been removed from Dicken’s heart.

Grandfather lowered his gaze to the baby in the crib and gently lifted the blanket above her. I realized it was me who the baby was! My thoughts made me tremble.

Just now, I suspected the baby was me, but I was certain I didn’t have silver eyes. However, when my grandfather placed the crystal near my chest, my eyes began to change. They changed from silver to black, which was what I now have. I immediately got it. Dicken’s crystal changed my life. He acted like a virus, altering some of my body’s cells. And he succeeded in leaving his imprint on me.

That was why Dicken had been emphasizing ”I belong to him. ” It was because my grandfather had promised Dicken in this manner. My past had completely taken me by surprise. Aside from shock, I was also a little angry. They had no right to decide my fate, whether it was Dicken or my grandfather. He shouldn’t use me as a pawn in the trade and contract!

I suddenly had a more deplorable thought. ‘I wonder why Dicken keeps a record of everything that happened between my grandfather and me? Has he been watching my every move since the day I was born? Did my grandfather tell Dicken everything?’ Whatever method they used, it was still unacceptable to me.

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