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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 181

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 181

I almost forgot to breathe while staring at the scene. I looked around as if I was a child who had never seen the outside world. When I turned to see what was under my feet, I was taken aback. I was completely frozen and chilled from the thing beneath my feet.

I was at a loss for words to describe the situation at hand. The thing beneath my feet was a massive cemetery, only that it was under the sea.

Countless mermen corpses were stacked together between the corals. They were piled up one by one beneath my feet, and they were frozen like statues. Their skin was pale and stiff. Their once -beautiful scales were no longer gleaming. Some of their fishtails were curled, others were straight, and still others were in a jumping position. It was as if the burning lava from the volcano eruptions had solidified them. Some of them blinked open their eyes and gazed up at the sky. They appeared sad and lonely.

My heart was immediately occupied by fear. Various merfolk corpses lay beneath the beautiful scene that was just now. My surroundings had gone lifeless and dreadful in an instant. Even the floating creatures above me became as creepy as ghosts.

A terrifying aspect was that I couldn’t hear anything except my breathing. The surroundings were oddly quiet, reminding me of my survey when I went to the deep sea beneath thousands of meters. There was complete silence as if there were no border beneath the sea.

‘What the hell is going on? Where am I?’

I held my own arms in fear and couldn’t help shouting, “Dicken! Dicken! “

Echoes reflected from the quiet space, stressing no living creature was present.

The scene in front of my eyes abruptly changed once more. The environment was filled in a halo of blue light. Not far away, I noticed a round halo. It was like a portal, a portal to another world. Through the portal, I saw another world. The sea wase engulfed in flames. The fire quickly covered the entire ocean.

The reflection of the flame turned the sky bloody- red, destroying everything in its wake. However, I was able to distinguish two tall figures above the sea.

I rubbed my eyes to clear my vision, then fixed my eyes on the two figures.

Those were two merpeople. I immediately identified one of them as Dicken. He closed his eyes and proudly raised his head. The blue light I just saw appeared in his chest again. Then, blue liquid flowed out from his heart and ejected from his chest. ‘ Perhaps this is the blood from his heart?’ They quickly condensed in the air, forming a tiny blue crystal.

The crystal was in peculiar shape. The crystal seemed to enclose an enlarged version of a biological cell within, which was about the size of a nail.

Another merman was looking at the crystal together with me. But he appeared devout and sincere as if he was near to God.

I locked my gaze on the other merman’s face. I had a vague feeling this face was familiar to me. Then, just as I was about to confirm it, he took the crystal that was removed from Dicken’s heart and jumped into the burning sea as if he had long planned to do so.

I was taken aback by this scene. My hands made an unintentional contact with my chest. Since my birth, I’ve had a blue birthmark on my left chest. I took a look at my chest. The birthmark’s shape gradually matched the crystal ejected from Dicken’s heart.

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