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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 175

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 175

As he loosened my buttons, I clenched my fist and forced myself to ignore him. “Are you doing this to prove to the merman that I am yours? Do you believe he will develop jealousy like any other man?

Ridiculous. He doesn’t give a damn. He’s a beast, and this will only pique his interest. To him, I’m nothing more than a tool for satisfying his sexual desire. And you share his viewpoint. Do you believe that beast will feel anything for me? Don’t you think it’s absurd? You have no idea what you’re talking about. I ‘ in nothing more than a trade item he paid for in advance.”

This was my plan to deceive Gary. But I was perplexed. These words sounded like they came from my deepest thoughts. For a brief moment, I mistook them for real. They sounded reasonable. However, the image of Dicken and I spending time together seemed to contradict the thoughts. His narrow, deep eyes seemed to peer through the darkness and fixate on me. ‘No !’ screamed a voice in my head. ‘It’s not what you think!’

The conflict between two opposing thoughts in my mind caused me to suffer inside. My face took on a gloomy expression. ” I am the trade item,” I said in pain, closing my eyes. My family first made contact with the inerpeople a long time ago. Laura might be keeping it from you, but I believe she is aware of it. Everything you just saw on the monitor was because I was being watched. There is something unique about the beast that can “bewitch” me.

I took a sip, feeling parched in my throat. For me, speaking against my will was a challenge.

Gary’s rage would only subside if I continued, but I had no choice but to continue in order to gain his good graces and avoid further abuse at his hands.

His touch disgusted my entire body. I couldn’t help but curl up against him. But I had to patiently tell him, “If you like me… a little…”

It made me want to vomit when I said this. If Gary’s feelings for me were perceived as liking , then all of the world’s crimes could be embellished. I vividly recall him pushing me off the boat and handing me over to the mermen as bait. When he discovered that I was alive, he pretended to be an affectionate man struggling to find me. That’s how he disguised his greedy and psychopathic nature.

He had not been my professor for a long time. He was now a terrorist, my adversary.

I continued by saying, “Please have a professional doctor see Jolin. She is on her deathbed. You’ve met her before, haven’t you? Please. Gary, I will be eternally grateful to you. ” Please stop tormenting in I recalled Jolin’s condition once again. I remembered her pale face. A miserable emotion aroused in me, making my voice sound a little rough.

“Grateful? ” Gary said it again and laughed softly. He slid his fingers through my hair and twirled them. Then he grabbed my hair again and pushed me towards him, forcing me to face him, saying, “Linda,

I don’t want your appreciation. Does the fact that you said you have no feelings for the beast and that you are bewitched mean you will accept me?”

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