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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 17

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 17

I didn’t want to believe what I had just heard, to the point where my mind became numb. The impact of what he had just said was destructive. While I was preoccupied with what he had said, I had forgotten to defend myself from Gary.

My vision seemed to have tinted to a monotonous gray and I had completely surrendered myself to the situation.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! “

Just then, a series of banging sounds came from the door of the cabin. A man’s voice could be heard shouting, “Professor Gary, are you alright? Was that your voice? I heard someone calling for help.“

This voice pulled me out of my despair. “Save me! Please help me, doctor! Help me! “

At that moment, it was as if I had caught a lifeline. I desperately responded to the voice right outside the door and my body continued struggling as it did before. This gave Gary no choice but to let go of me, so he got off of me.

Gary glared at me, then grabbed a blanket to cover me before walking towards the door.

I quickly used my free hand to put on my cloth. I could hear both men discussing something at the door. The other man was obviously a doctor. It

seemed as if he wasn’t satisfied with Gary’s explanation. This showed that he wasn’t under Gary’s control.

Perhaps the doctor could help free me! But I cou1dn’t let him think that I was someone with bipolar disorder as Gary had told him. So I forced myself to calm down.

“It’s nice to meet you, doctor. I require your assistance.“, I said to him politely.

When the doctor heard my voice, he pushed past Gary and walked towards me. I felt more relaxed when I saw his figure. I knew him! He was a very respectable biologist.

I never expected to meet him here!

As he got closer, he gave me a warm smile and said, “ Hey Linda, long time no see. You’re finally awake! “

I felt like a heavy boulder had been lifted off my chest. I won’t just be seeing Gary everywhere  now.

“Oh my goodness! It’s you, Mr. Peter! I never thought I’d meet you this soon! “, I gave him an apologetic smile. “I actually would just like to know a few things. Where are we right now, and have I been out for a long time?“

Peter helped me undo the cuffs, playfully knocked my head and said, “Linda, have you become silly after sleeping for so long? Didn’t you make this trip to get here — the Marine Biology Facility of Japan? This is sponsored by the government. Gary and I were talking about how this study of yours received

grants and funding from the government. That’s great news! “

As Peter excitedly explained everything to me, I glanced at Gary for a short while and he didn’t even have the humility to look away.

This research trip was part of my graduation plan, it had nothing to do with sponsorships from the Japanese government. What kind of act was Gary putting up that he would relate my research to the government.

“Oh my god! You both really found a merman. Linda, I ‘m confident you’ll get far in your career. “, Peter rambled on.

When I heard what he had just said, I grabbed his hand and anxiously asked, “The merman? Isn’t the merman dying?“

Peter looked like he had just heard the joke of the century and said, “What kind of nonsense are you going on about? The merman is perfectly fine in the reservoir. Why would he be dying? It’s just that he is unusually agitated and is refusing to eat. We examined him for several days but there was nothing wrong with him. If this goes on, he could starve to death! “

As he said that he glanced at Gary and said unhappily, “It must be because Gary went too far with the tranquilizer gun. It caused the merman to be in survival mode, that’s why he hasn’t been cooperative.“ I jumped off the bed and slipped on some clothes. I pulled Peter on one arm and exclaimed, “Quick! Take me to the reservoir. I can communicate with the merman, let me calm him down! “

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