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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 143

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 143

Perhaps it was due to Dicken’s seduction and the hormones he had emitted, but I felt like I had fallen in love with him.

This ambiguous feeling disappeared when Dicken put me down onto a rock. I froze in shock when I looked at my hands. The space between my fingers had a translucent membrane connecting them as they glinted under the moonlight. It’s some type of webbed membrane!

It wasn’t a hallucination this time, and I could tell that I wasn’t dreaming either. That was because a similar webbed claw was holding my hand, and his touch felt real.

“Dicken…What did you do to me?“

I withdrew my hand from Dicken and looked at my webbed claws dumbfoundedly as I asked him in shock.

“Your first…changes…are coming.“

Suddenly, my vision went black. Before I completely lost consciousness, I felt Dicken’s claw caressing my cheek and his deep eyes looking at me as he answered in a low voice.

In my half-conscious state, I felt stinging and itchiness in my legs. It felt like I was being bitten by hundreds or thousands of ants, or like a wound regenerating new skin. Due to the odd feeling in my legs, I couldn’t help but want to reach down to touch them. But my hands were pinned above my head by a cool and wet claw. His wet lips and tongue left wet trails around my neck as I started to feel pain behind my ears and in my fingertips. The pain was like the thorns of a rose growing through my skin.

The uncomfortable feeling caused my body to squirm and convulse as if I had contracted a strange illness.

I mustered a scream amid agony and opened my heavy eyelids.

The moon was right on top of me as fragments of light and shadows were cast onto the water surface. My eyes couldn’t focus, and as my sight wavered along with the bibbing of light fragments, my head also started to sway.

The dizziness was intense. It felt as if my entire body was swaying. There was a dark shadow on top of me, and I knew it was Dicken. I had many questions, but I couldn’t speak a word.

I looked down at my legs in a daze. ‘God! What am I looking at?’

A thin layer of silver scales had grown on both of my legs. Row by row, they covered my skin underneath neatly. At first glance, they looked no different from a fishtail. The faint outlines of my legs could still be seen, but a webbed membrane had grown over my feet, turning them into a caudal fin as it dangled into the water.

Horrified, I looked at Dicken and wanted to interrogate him on what he had done to me. But before the words could leave my mouth, I completely lost consciousness and passed out.

I was once again met with darkness. The sea was around me again, but the moon was hidden in the thick fog. It was silent, and I couldn’t see Dicken or anyone else.

The discomfort I felt earlier had vanished, and my body fell downward like I was descending into the abyss. But eventually, I realized that I was just in another nightmare.

I pinched my arms repeatedly to try to wake up from this dream. But it felt like an invisible force had grabbed hold of my legs and was dragging me downward.

I couldn’t resist the force as I plunged into the depths below.

I returned to the aquarium that I had dreamt about before. Schools of fish and fluorescent jellyfishes were swimming past me. They looked really close to me, like I could easily touch them just by extending my arm. They also seemed clearer compared to looking at them through the glass.

Confused, I suddenly felt that something was off. I reached forward and felt a layer of glass, but the glass wasn’t separating me from the fish. It was enclosing me with them. I was being displayed in the aquarium, just like a dolphin.

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