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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 139

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 139

‘What are they waiting for?’

I looked toward the sea curiously as I saw them popping their heads out of the water one by one. I immediately realized that they were all mermen.

They revealed their broad chests and tilted their heads upward as they looked toward Dicken and me.

Dicken showed himself through the cave entrance before extending an arm to pull me into him. With his arm around my waist, he looked down on the mermen below and arrogantly made a low neigh.

Although the pitch wasn’t high, it certainly sounded like a horn signifying the start of a battle.

I was stunned as the mermen below were ecstatic like they heard a piece of good news. They jumped toward the moon across the night sky, leaving sparkly water trails behind them. They made excited and high -pitched neighs mixed with the sound of waves, forming their own symphony.

My excitement had also built up with theirs. ‘Is this the song of merpeople that was spoken about in legends?’

I must admit that the song did not sound as enchanting and seducing as expected. Instead, it sounded as agitated and intense as a storm, announcing a desire for primitive power and subjugation.

Through their song, it was as if I could see these beautiful but ferocious creatures swimming freely in the sea, resisting storms, fighting against their natural enemies, hunting in the waves, as well as attacking sea vessels manned by humans…

‘But why are they singing this song now?

Is it because of how Dicken had hugged my waist earlier?

Is this one of their celebrations? Are they celebrating that their alpha had found his mate?

This is such a primitive practice! ‘

I noticed that my clothes were unkempt, so I quickly rearranged my clothing. But when I looked at them again, they had stopped jumping around. Some swam to the bottom of the cave while others leaned against the various -sized rocks dotted around the

sea. With bright eyes, they stared at Dicken and me.

I was puzzled as to what they wanted to do. One by one, beautiful mermaids started to emerge from the water and seductively got close to the mermen.

Then, they all paired up and twisted their tails with each other’s before the mermen pressed the mermaids beneath them and started thrusting.

When I was still stunned in silence, the sound of tails slapping against the rocks reached my ears, mixed with sounds of heavy panting and moaning.

I looked downward, and all I could see were bodies intertwined with each other. I felt like I was watching a primitive mating ceremony or a censored erotic orgy scene from a movie.

I noticed a group of merpeople lingering around at a corner of the scene. It was apparent that the ones having sex were doing so with their mates, but this group could only hungrily watch as they were all single.

I realized that merpeople depended on reliance to build relationships with their clan, just like dolphins. Therefore, this could be considered as a form of social interaction among them. Witnessing a scene like this made me feel extremely awkward, but I couldn’t hold back my curiosity. I stuck my head out of the entrance to take a look again, but I was petrified in shock. The hundreds of mermen down there all stood upright and were looking at me hungrily, but they timidly stayed in place and didn’t dare jump up toward me.

Moreover, I saw the red-haired merman from before. He was on the rock closest to Dicken and me as his injured tail was pressed onto a mermaid. But then, he suddenly flipped himself over to face my direction, exposed his member , and stared at me.

He was teasing me, and the realization sent a shiver down my spine.

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