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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 136

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 136

‘Damn this prick! ‘

I cursed at Dicken in my mind before closing my eyes and quickly licked his jowl. But Dicken raised his claw to my lips and lightly traced around them. His eyes were sensual and full of teasing. His thirst for more was apparent.

I had a feeling that he wanted me to lick his finger as he did before. But if he wanted me to lick his entire body before getting any food, I would probably die of hunger first.

“Hey! Stop asking for so much! “

I huffed as I shouted at him, but Dicken started to laugh when he saw my reaction. He swiftly grabbed my wrist then extended his tongue to lick my fingers. His actions made me freeze in embarrassment as my face started to grow red and

hot. I looked at him dumbfounded as he drenched my fingers from his aggressive licking.

Then, he looked into my eyes, bounced up, and leaped out of the cave. He had already disappeared before I could even react. I could only hear the sound of a splash coming from somewhere outside of the cave.

I crawled to the cave entrance in search of his figure, but I was utterly shocked by the scene before me.

This cave was really situated on top of a cliff, and this cliff was on one of the outer islands of the group. This cliff was not too high up from the sea level, so with Dicken’s skills, he could jump inside easily. There were piles of rocks around the cave, like stairs that led to the beach below.

Looking to the horizon, the sea around me seemed borderless and was shimmering under the moonlight. The sea and the sky looked like they were sewn together as the stars reflected onto the water surface.

The sea breeze blew into my clothes and tousled my hair, making me feel like I was flying. The sky and the moon seemed really close to me like they were but an arm’s reach away. I felt like I was on a spaceship traveling across the vast galaxy.

Appreciating beautiful scenery like this made me lose track of time. I temporarily forgot my worries as I immersed myself in the beauty that the world had to offer. That was until a black shadow broke through the surface and snapped me back to reality. I saw Dicken draw a perfect arch in front of the moon as he leaped from the water, causing splashes as he plunged. It wasn’t only the water that he plunged into but my heart. It felt like he had embedded himself into my heart, making ripples that I couldn’t calm.

My heart was at a standstill from the scene before me.

I dumbfoundedly looked in Dicken’s direction for a long while before I could force myself to look away. I knew I had to turn away; otherwise, I might’ve jumped into the sea and swam around with him.

I reminded myself that I should look around the cave since he wasn’t around so that I could prepare for an escape. Bearing this thought in mind, I held my throbbing wound and headed back into the cave to explore.

There were many creatures similar to fireflies outside the cave. They emitted soft blue lights and provided some illumination to look around Dickens cave. There was a large dent in the center of the cave and a hole in the middle, forming a natural poo1. The hole must’ve led directly to the sea as it carried a current. I deduced that this was likely where Dicken usually slept.

I carefully circled the pool as I looked into it and found a small entrance that could accommodate about half a person. After inspecting it, I found that the hole was a dead end and could only be used as something like a shelf or cabinet as this small hole wasn’t deep.

Almost immediately, I found something. Dicken must have used this as a storage space. Out of curiosity, I leaned closer to look at what it was.

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