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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 132

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 132

I began suffocating as Laura was choking me. Then, suddenly, my inner strength was evoked, and I was able to push back against her hold on my neck. I was surprised that my surge in anger was the factor that enabled me to escape her grip. The second her fingers left my neck, I swiftly snatched her gun and used its buttstock to knock her out.

After escaping Laura, I felt lost and confused. My surroundings were dark, and there was smoke everywhere mixed with the sounds of gunfire. I couldn’t discern where Jack and the rest were or even Dicken’s whereabouts. For the sake of protecting myself, I went to a nearby tree and crouched down to avoid being hit by any stray bullets. Then, I shouted as loud as I could, “Jack, Peter, where are you?“

There was no response other than the continuous sound of gunfire.

I felt like my heart had a rope tied around it, preventing it from beating. I had even forgotten to breathe. I couldn’t let myself believe that Jack and Peter had died, but the possibility was enough to make me frantic and look around anxiously.

Suddenly, I saw a dark shadow among the smoke.

But before I could tell who it was, I felt like something had drilled a hole into my chest. A stream of fresh blood burst out of my body, and I lost the ability to move.

A cold, mocking laugh reached my ears from somewhere next to me as my body toppled backward. Everything in my vision was now in slow-motion. I could even notice the exact moment a leaf fell to the ground, as well as the red liquid gushing out of my chest and into the air. ‘This must be my blood. It looks like I’m about to die soon.’

‘Why didn’t you just shoot Laura in the head? Now I’m about to die by her hand.”

‘What a joke you are, Linda.’

I felt like I had lost all of my senses, and at that point, I couldn’t even feel pain. All I could sense was that the dark sky seemed heavier and heavier, like it was about to crush the earth.

But at the same time, my body felt light, like it was floating amidst the darkness, or rather, drifting as waves rocked my body. I couldn’t open my eyes, but I could sense a ray of light. That was where my hope lied. So, I tried my hardest to chase the light, but somehow I couldn’t catch up to it, and it felt like I was sinking. Eventually, I fell into a white room.

I saw several doctors in white coats surrounding me and the faces of various people, including Peter’s, Jack’s, and Jolin’s. I wanted to shout their names, but a pair of hands in white rubber gloves was squeezing my throat. After that, an intense light shone onto my eyes as my eyelids were peeled open. It was Laura. She looked at me with a cunning expression on her face and said with satisfaction, ” What a beautiful body. It looks like your physique is the most suitable. You really are the perfect bait.”

I was terrified and wanted to evade her touch, but I suddenly realized I was covered in blood. In fact, I was lying in a pool of blood. Peter and the others were all floating in the pool of blood. Their familiar faces were in front of me as their eyes shed tears of blood.

“Ah…Ah! “ I hugged my head and screamed in horror. I suddenly broke free from the nightmare, and the scenes in it faded to black. Gradually, I started to see some light through the bottom of my eyelids.

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