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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 131

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 131

“Linda, you’re alive! “ Gary peeled off his helmet, revealing a pair of bloodshot eyes. He looked like he could collapse any second.

The moment he saw me, he rushed to me with open arms and held my cheeks, like those arms weren’t the ones that had pushed me off the boat.

“Get lost, you fake bastard! “ I felt disgusted by the hands that were on my face.

I pushed him aside in a fury. Unbothered by the gun pointed at me, I rushed up and punched him in the face. Gary was unprepared, so he toppled onto the ground.

I pounced onto Gary and gave him several more blows with my fists. But he didn’t even bother to evade my punches. It was as if he didn’t feel a thing and just withstood my attacks. Then, he suddenly flipped over and pinned me down, swiftly dragged me up, and pressed his gun against my temple.

“Linda, I’m very sorry for what happened before. But if you’re compliant and listen to my troop and I, I can assure you that you won’t be in harm’s way from now on, “ he whispered into my ear. But even though the tone of his voice was gentle, it couldn’t mask its hoarseness.

I cackled coldly and said, “You don’t need to apologize to me. I know you need to be loyal to those

specific people. I only gave you a beating as a way of bidding farewell to my former professor. Now, I have nothing to do with you. See the bigger picture, and don’t threaten me!

Jack and his men were in a standoff with Laura and her troop. I then looked toward the shade a distance away and saw Dicken lurking at the place we were before. I could tell that he was waiting for an opportunity. Even so, I didn’ t know whether Laura and her lackeys had noticed his presence.

Laura scoffed and added, ”Sorry, but I have a different opinion. I’ in not here to subdue you. I just need you. Because of you, the most effective member of my troop has now become useless.”

Then, she leaned closer to my ear and whispered, ” Moreover, you’re such an attractive bait. I had noticed the black merman following our ship a long time ago. It seems like he can’t get you out of his mind !

Laura’s words were like a stab into my heart. I gritted my teeth shamefully and replied, ”Shut up, you cruel woman… ”

Before I could finish my sentence, she suddenly wrapped her long, slender fingers around my neck. I saw Gary panic, and his face became pale. ”Colonel Laura! You promised me!

”Make a move now! Annihilate all of them ! ” Laura commanded mercilessly.

Gary looked at me and hesitated. Then with a submachine gun on each arm, he started shooting madly in the direction of Jack and the others. Before

long, the surroundings were clouded in smoke. I tried to look in Jack’s direction and began shouting for them. ”Jack! Peter!

However, my voice was immediately overpowered by the sound of gunfire. Jack and the others had also started to retaliate , and eventually, the entire area was shrouded in smoke and gunfire.

Suddenly, I heard Jack roar, followed by Peter’s yelp. I realized that Laura already had another group of men surrounding this place beforehand.

”No ! Jack! Peter !

In my dismay, I watched as bullets rained on blurred figures in the smoke. I struggled profusely, but Laura was still holding on tightly to my neck. Her body may have looked delicate , but she was actually very strong. I could only kick around with my legs and knee her abdomen. ‘This woman is a heartless witch ! How could she have my friends killed in front of me?!’

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