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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 130

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 130

Dicken narrowed his eyes and observed what I was doing while gulping continuously. The movement of his hand hastened in pace like he was following my rhythm.

I suddenly realized that we were like passionate lovers committing a taboo. It was like I couldn’t help but be caught in the allure of playing a sinful game. Even though I was a model student who never even had a boyfriend…

‘But why is my game opponent not a normal adult man but a cruel and lecherous merman?’

‘And why couldn’t I control myself from being a part of this interspecies relationship?’

I was conflicted, but Dicken’s muscular build attracted my gaze, and my hips couldn’t help but move according to his rhythm. Waves of shameful pleasure began crashing into me.

‘How did things turn out like this?’

While I was immersed in the sinful pleasure I had indulged in, I could hear Jack and Peter’s conversation from behind me. As I realized that Peter had woken up, his voice was like a bucket of cold water poured over me. I shivered, and the realization snapped me back to reality.

I quickly looked behind me to see if they saw me. It looked like they didn’t notice the sinful game we were playing here, so I sighed a breath of relief, but I didn’t dare do anything else. If they had seen something happening here, they would’ve realized that the merman, who I was taking care of, and I were engaging in a tantalizing sex game. I didn’t dare to face the aftermath of that.

Flustered, I planted my head into my knees and didn’t dare look at Dicken. Then, I popped open the cap of a water bottle and chugged on it before pouring the remaining water onto my crotch.

The stimulation of the cold water caused my horniness to subside. I took a deep breath and stood up without looking at Dicken. After that, I sprinted toward Jack and Peter in fear that Dicken would catch me impulsively.

“Linda, why are you drenched? Did you pee in your pants?“ Jack saw the state I was in and broke out in boisterous laughter.

The now-awake Peter also couldn’t hold in his laughter. I glared at them angrily while extracting a pair of clean pants from my backpack and rushed to the shrubbery to change into them. At the same

time, I remained alert, keeping an eye out in case Dicken popped out of nowhere.

Right when I had fastened my pants, I heard the sound of leaves rustling. I glanced around, anticipating Dicken to emerge.

But what I saw was something that reflected light, something that looked like a metallic weapon. Before I could react, a cold, solid object was pressed against my skull.

“Long time no see, my little genius, “ said the cold voice of a woman from behind me.

Then, Jack started shouting, “Don’t move. Let her go. We have guns too! “

I turned around stiffly and saw an entire troop of people reveal themselves from the shade of the trees. The leader amongst them was at the forefront, and the rim of her hat hid her face partially while her eyes glared into mine.

I shivered as Laura pushed me with the barrel of her gun fixed in my direction. The woman whom I didn’t want to see for the rest of my life was inching close to me, step after step.

I glared back at her and my eyes beneath my helmet reflected nothing but coldness and disdain through the light of the fire.

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