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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 13

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 13

I immediately got up and tried to escape, but I was blocked by a wet and dripping arm. The merman then spun me around to face him.

I was petrified. The merman could use his tail to prop himself upright and his height exceeded mine greatly. I was completely covered in his shadow.

As the sea breeze blew, his seaweed-like long hair caressed my face and body. Then, he bent his fishtail to align his line of sight with mine. He subsequently grabbed my shoulders and forced me to make eye contact with him.

Ahh! What was this merman doing?

His pale face came closer to mine and he began sniffing my neck. He directed his eyes right above my collarbone, lowered his head, and inhaled deeply.

My petrified body didn’t know how to react because I didn’t understand the meaning of this merman’s actions.

After that, he used his webbed claws to rip open my shirt and buried his face into my chest.

My heart was beating rapidly and I could feel my chest beginning to heave.

His eyes became even more excited as he started examining my body. He bared his sharp teeth as if he was unsatisfied with how my body looked.

I was afraid that he would open his mouth to devour my breasts in order to fill his stomach.

I didn’t know how I offended this creature and caused him to look at me as if I had invaded his territory.

Then, he posited his webbed claws at the hem of my pants, lifted his finger like he wanted to rip them open.


When I realized he was about to do something worse, I firmly grabbed his claws and shakily refused. “Don’t.“

The merman stared at my hand for a while as if he was very interested in it.

I followed his line of sight and looked down. Turns out I had a cut on my hand without realizing and it was bleeding rapidly. I must have cut myself accidentally when I tried to escape earlier.

The merman took the bleeding hand, raised it in front of him, and sniffed it lightly.

Beasts were sensitive to fresh blood, was my blood making him hungry? Was he going to eat me?

I knew that if I were to be eaten within the next second, there was no way I could escape.

At the same time, I was also rather confused. If the merman saw me as his dinner, why didn’t he attack me earlier on?

I could only watch as the merman raised my hand to his mouth. He opened his mouth and bared his sharp

teeth. The fear caused my fingers to tremble. I was scared that he would chomp down on my finger in the next second.

I felt like crying. It was too cruel to die from being eaten bite after bite!

Right then, the merman extended his tongue and lightly licked my wound. His hand gripped mine tight enough to ensure I didn’t move too much. The movement of his tongue was very gentle, it was as though he was trying to avoid his sharp teeth from coming into contact with my skin, careful not to hurt me.

I looked at his movements with shock and terror and thought to myself, ‘Is this merman trying to repay m y kindness by licking my wound?’

But what did I do for him? Was it when I helped him with his urges?

With this thought in my mind, my face blushed as a tingly feeling rose from my wounded hand. I subsequently realized that the area the merman had been licking had become larger. He wasn’t only licking my wound, but also every single one of my fingers.

He licked my fingers until they were dripping wet, and then lifted his head to look at me with an intriguing expression and cruel eyes. I felt like his licking was starting to become more and more exciting, like he was obscenely toying with my fingers.

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