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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 128

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 128

I didn’t know what Dicken intended to do or what he was thinking. I could only let him bury his face into my chest as his claws gripped firmly onto my waist. He closed his eyes and took in my scent deeply. He seemed to be basking in my scent as if it was a drug he was addicted to.

My senses sharpened, and my body trembled from the intimacy. He had also started to emit his unique fragrance that I couldn’t help but smell.

For some reason, Dicken had become more excited than before. I was afraid that he would do more than just smell me, so I tried to get out of the pool. But my attempt was futile because Dicken already had me in the palm of his hands.

I grabbed the fork that had fallen next to me and aimed its prongs at Dicken’s neck as I warned, “If you dare to do anything here, you…will end up in the same way as that grilled fish! “

“Seduce…“ Dicken remained buried in my chest as he released a low whine that startled me. Then, he lifted his head to look at me as he said, “I…seduce you…My Linda…“

His wet lips had already reached my ear, exhaling a humid breath against my sensitive skin. “Deeply… seduce…“

His words were like a spell that had entranced my body and had rendered me incapable of thinking straight. I had no clue how Dicken could tell what I was thinking just by smelling me. Even though I found what he said absurd, it felt like a secret I was keeping had been exposed.

I couldn’t utter a word. It was as if I had just lost my voice. He might have been right. I was like a magnet attracted to this beast’s magnetic field.

Just like right now, whenever Dicken’s lips touched my skin, my body would quiver in response, even to his smallest teases.

And it wasn’t just my body. Even my heart was starting to yearn for his advances despite my classmates being but a short distance away. This sinful pleasure reminded me of what I had done the last time Dicken went missing. Back then, I couldn’t hold back from pleasuring myself under the blanket. What was more shameful was that he had found out about it, and it seemed I still couldn’t break the habit.

‘I must be crazy! Completely mad ! Don’t tell me I’ve actually fallen in love with him?!

I’ve never liked Gary, Peter, or any other ordinary man. But now I’m falling for someone who is a whole different species?

No! I must be delusional! Dicken must have bewitched me!’

As I had these conflicting thoughts, Dicken had already pushed me down onto the steps. When he was about to enclose my lips with his, my arms jerked forward to push him away. I then frantically climbed the steps. I tripped and fell.

I glanced at him and saw that Dicken did not rush to capture me as he did before. He just narrowed his eyes and stared at me quietly. He looked like an older person watching a child making the most basic mistakes, with ambiguous eyes.

Based on the smirk on Dicken’s face, it was apparent that he was in a good mood. He must have been thinking that my antics were funny.

”F*ck! You prick! You scumbag of a beast !

Embarrassed, I scolded Dicken and rushed back to the campsite. I didn’t even bother to acknowledge Jack, who checked on me and cleaned away the mud that was smeared on my face from the fall.

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