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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 125

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 125

I walked down the steps and came to a halt near the water. The pool was clouded with lotus -like plants, making it less clear than the lake. Dicken was nowhere to be found.

I had no choice but to take a seat on the stairwell. “I would like to appreciate your help on behalf of my companions, ” I said, holding the grilled fish above the water like a dolphin breeder. I’ll return if you don’t come out right now.”

After I finished speaking, I felt compelled to stand. I wasn’t sure if Dicken had hidden on purpose; he had looked at me earlier, but I couldn’t find him now.

But, deep down, I didn’t want him to show up as well so that I’d have an excuse to leave quickly and finish the task Jack had assigned to me.

But I knew it couldn’t happen. A webbed claw slowly reached out from among the floating plants and grabbed my ankle. Then a handsome face emerged from the water, slowly approaching my legs.

Despite being mentally prepared, seeing Dicken in this light made me subconsciously shrink back. I was shaky on my feet and nearly fell backward. Then a wet webbed claw gripped my waist and propelled me forward. I was then sucked into Dicken’s embrace, resting my head on his damp and muscular chest.

I raised my head to face him. We were so close that my lips accidentally rubbed against his chin, which was damp with water droplets. And I was once again immersed in his enticing eyes. My breathing became more rapid.

Jack’s voice, which was not far away, jolted me awake. I pushed Dicken away, raised the grilled fish in my hand, and yelled back at Jack, “I’m here ! Don’ t be worried. I’m all set to feed him!

”Feed… ” Dicken repeated the word after imitating my pronunciation. He raised his eyebrows and looked at me with suspicion. He appeared to be interested in the word, but he didn’t understand what it meant.

It was to be expected that he would not comprehend. The mermen hunt on their own. How could he possibly understand what the word meant? I

thought feeding Dicken might offend him. How could he put up with this humiliation? Feeding him was tantamount to using God’s name in vain. It was heresy!

”Uh… ” I awkwardly dangled the grilled fish in my hand, grabbed his webbed claw, and attempted to insert the fork into his webbed claw. “This is for you, ” I finally said patiently. In a humane manner, this is how we eat it. The fish was grilled over an open flame. Do you want to give it a shot?”

Dicken lowered his gaze and looked at the grilled fish in my hand with interest. Then he took a step forward to sniff, and his frown became much more pronounced. I’m not sure if the barbecue sauce matches Dickens’ taste, but it was my favorite. What a treat it would be to have a bite of my favorite dish on the arduous journey !

If Dicken didn’t want to eat it, this grilled fish would be mine. I couldn’t stop myself from slurping just thinking about the taste.

Dicken suddenly grabbed my wrist with his webbed claw and pushed the grilled fish towards him, just as I thought he’d refuse to eat it. He gnawed a piece of the fish with his mouth wide open. He ate everything in one bite, including the fishbone—what an unappealing way to eat. I was afraid he’d swallow the fork. I quickly drew the fork back and extracted half of the fish that had been stuffed into his mouth. “Hey, dude! ” I said as I patted his head. That is not how you use a fork! You’re going to hurt yourself!”

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