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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 119

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 119

“Will you return?“

Dicken smirked slightly and asked again the question that had yet been answered.

I looked Dicken in the eyes and realized I’d unknowingly signed a contract with this dangerous, mysterious creature. The contract stipulated that I would be completely devoted to him.

The environment appeared quiet, and even the air seemed to stop moving for a split second. My companions’ yelling was no longer audible to me. Time seemed to be moving backward quickly. All of my Dicken-related memories were playing in my head like a movie, and they came to a halt at a picture of the cold sea. Then, from a distance, I heard a familiar voice. “Little girl, will you return to me? ” Dicken asked in English.

Dicken had asked a similar question earlier. As if everything was predetermined.

Dicken had asked me the same question when I was a child. But I was only a kid at the time. Nothing made sense to me, and I had no recollection of it.

More than a decade had passed. I’d completely forgotten about my childhood. However, he enticed me to approach him as if he had planted a seed in my heart. He was like a well-thought-out mastermind, waiting for me to fall into every trap he set, regardless of the cost.

The moment I met him, it seemed as if my destiny had been written in stone.

“Look! Is that Linda?“

“Oh my god, she is caught by the merman ! Hurry up.”

The voices of Peter and Jack jolted me out of my reverie. I noticed a group of people with guns running towards Dicken and me. I was tense. I swallowed and exclaimed, “Yes! I’ll be back! “

“Well, Linda, I trust you, ” Dicken’s hoarse voice pierced my body and reached my heart. For a brief moment, I felt numb.

My body was then loosened. His muscular fishtail created a massive wave that engulfed me. Then Dicken vanished into the water in an instant. I turned around and saw him disappear into the cave beneath the lake instantly.

That could be the entrance to the merman’s habitat. I couldn’t help but feel scared. Thank God Dicken didn’t drag me into it. After all, I was just a regular person!

“Linda! How are you doing? “Are you hurt?” As they neared the shore, Peter yelled at me.

I quickly buttoned my shirt and swam to the shore. When they saw me, they reached out their hands to pick me up. ” Linda, you’ve got a bite on your neck! ” exclaimed Peter. Show us where else is injured!”

” How did this damn merman bring you here!” Jack clenched his fist.

“I’m fine… I’m not hurt. I’m not sure what  happened… “I awoke in the middle of the lake,” I said, covering my abdomen in fear. I couldn’t tell them the injuries on my stomach that had been healed because I couldn’t explain how it happened.

Fortunately, they didn’t press further. With a few of them, Jack put a nice coat on me, carried a gun, and began patrolling around the lake.

“Linda, Jolin is also gone,” Peter frowned as he stared out at the lake. I’m guessing she, too, was attacked by the merman. “Jack and I discovered these under the tree where both of you were camping.”

Peter unfolded his palm, and I saw a few shiny red scales.

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